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Father and Daughter Die in Plane Crash

Bedford, Indiana - Around 10:45 this morning a privately owned Cessna aircraft crashed into the home of Vivian Pace, at 517 Sunny Acres Lane, just southeast of the Bedford city limits.  No one in the home was injured or killed.  The pilot of the aircraft was Eric Johnson, 47.  Also aboard was his eight year old daughter, Emily Johnson.  Both were from Bedford, Indiana.

Based on the developing investigation, in cooperation with the Bedford Police Department, state police investigators are treating this event as a homicide since indications in this ongoing investigation are that Eric Johnson deliberately crashed the plane into the house.   The reason the investigation has taken this direction is based on information provided by witnesses of the crash, the direction the aircraft was traveling in relation to the airport and the fact the plane crashed into the home of Eric Johnson's former mother-in-law.  Another factor leading the investigation in this direction is that the mother of Emily Johnson (Beth Johnson) came in person to the Bedford Police Department around 11:30 this morning (45 minutes after the crash) to report she believed her former husband (Eric Johnson) had abducted Emily Johnson.

The bodies of Eric and Emily Johnson were removed from the crash scene shortly after 4:00 this afternoon.  Final determination of when the aircraft will be removed has not been made.

The FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) will be investigating to determine the cause of the crash.  Aircraft crash investigations often take up to a year or more before they are completed.  The Indiana State Police investigation will not be complete until the final determination by the NTSB and FAA has been made.

Troopers from the Indiana State Police are providing scene site security until the scene is turned over to the FAA and the NTSB.

No further information is available at this time.

(Indiana State Police press release)

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