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Pacers release statement about shooting incident

Stephen Jackson Stephen Jackson
Marquis Daniels Marquis Daniels
Jimmie Hunter Jimmie Hunter
Jamaal Tinsley Jamaal Tinsley

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Indianapolis - The Indiana Pacers have released a statement on an overnight incident in the parking lot of a west side strip club involving four of the team's players.

"The incident Friday morning involving some of our players is currently being reviewed by the proper authorities. All parties involved are cooperating with the authorities. Since this is an ongoing review of the matters that took place Friday morning, the Pacers will have no further comment at this time."

Meantime, police are looking into exactly what went on in the parking lot of a west side Indianapolis strip club overnight. The incident ended with a Pacers player firing his handgun.

It happened at around 3:00 am, which is closing time at Club Rio, a strip club. The manager estimates 70 to 100 customers were headed to the parking lot.

That's were police say four Pacers players - Jamal Tinsley, Marquis Daniels, Jimmie Snap Hunter and Steven Jackson - ran into trouble and tried to walk away.

"Steven Jackson was struck in the mouth. We don't know who it was. An individual tried to run Steven Jackson over with the car. He was struck with the car, going over the hood and back on the ground," said Sgt. Matthew Mount.

Investigators say Jackson had a 9mm handgun and fired four or five times as the car fled. They aren't certain whether he shot at the car or into the air. There were no reports of anyone hit by gunfire.

"They fled the scene so we have no way of knowing if they were struck by any of the shots," said Sgt. Mount.

Police found blood near Jackson's Bentley sedan. One of the Pacer's star players was injured in the fight and the collision.

"We don't believe he was seriously injured. He apparently has some kind of leg injury. He was limping," said Sgt. Mount.

Jackson refused medical treatment and instead called a team trainer.

Police say Jackson has a valid permit to carry a gun. Jamaal Tinsley and Marquis Daniels each had a handgun in their cars. Tinsely has an Indiana gun permit, and Daniels has a permit issued in Florida.

Officers found a small amount of marijuana in the passenger side door of Pacer point guard Jamaal Tinsley's car, police said. Officers could not determine the car's driver or to whom the marijuana belonged, so no arrests were made.

Police questioned witnesses as well as the players. They plan to turn the evidence over the prosecutor's office to determine whether any criminal charges are warranted.

Police are looking for three men in connection with the altercation. All are described as being in their late twenties. One man goes by the nickname of "Dino," and is described as stocky and bald. Another goes by the name "Fingers," and has only a thumb and finger on each hand.

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