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Sniper investigation continues; no suspects yet

Seymour - Police say they're following up on tips, searching for evidence and collecting surveillance tapes they hope will lead to an arrest in the sniper-style shootings that killed one man and wounded another early Sunday morning.

Ballistic experts are examining bullets from all four shootings, looking for any connection and clues to the weapon. Police hope to get information on the type of weapon used within the next day or so.

In the meantime, along Indiana's interstate stretching from Louisville to Muncie, police are visiting businesses, questioning workers and checking security tapes for clues to the sniper's identity.

911 calls to police reveal the horror of Sunday morning's shootings. The first killed 40-year-old Jerry Ross of New Albany. A short time later, more shots were fired into another pick-up truck, wounding an Iowa man. "Something went through my truck window; we were going down the interstate, and I don't know what it was; my back window's out; looks like a bullet hole going through my window," the caller told the dispatcher.

Police have no suspects. They don't know if the sniper fired from an overpass or from the concealment of one of the many surrounding hills or bluffs.

The unseen fear is causing concern among some travelers like Sandra Marlin. "We first considered going a different route because we have to go back to Kentucky from Chicago but then we decided it would probably be safe," she said.

State police are getting help from the FBI and lawmen from Arizona and Ohio who have worked on similar sniper-type shootings. "Any information we can get, any help we can get, you can guarantee we're gonna reach out for it," said Sgt. Jerry Goodin, ISP.

Muncie investigation

From highway warnings for motorists asking them to report suspicious overpass activities to highway patrols, a massive search is on for the sniper who killed one person and injured another, then perhaps traveled from southern to northeast Indiana, where police believe the sniper shot two vehicles in Delaware County.

The events are unnerving to travelers. "I'm sure we'll be more aware than we were before. We had no idea," said one motorist.

Indiana State Police, Delaware County Sheriff's Department and FBI met on Monday near the gas station where one unoccupied SUV was found bullet-riddled and near an I-69 truck stop where a semi driver stopped to call police after shots hit his truck.

Police are collecting surveillance tape from nearby businesses in the hope they can identify a suspect or a vehicle. "Anything that we can do to utilize any type of technology, any type of eye witness accounts, anything of that nature, we're leaving no rock unturned right now," said Sheriff George Sheridan, Delaware County.

Investigators say they're searching areas where they believe the sniper may have hidden near the interstate and following up on leads and tips with detectives working around the clock.

"We're going through the area with a fine tooth comb to make certain that we find everything that we need as far as evidence that will help us solve this case," said Sgt. Rod Russell, Indiana State Police.

The message from police is to carry on traveling on Indiana's interstates and report anything suspicious that can help lead police to a killer now terrorizing thousands of travelers.

See a map of the shootings, get the timeline and hear the 911 call

Compiled from reports by Rich Van Wyk and Chris Proffitt


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