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Will Power (NBC Sports file photo) Will Power (NBC Sports file photo)

Will Power wins IndyCar series title behind Kanaan


Will Power won his first IndyCar Series championship Saturday night, finishing ninth in the final race and claiming the season title after a career filled with agonizing misses. More>>


Rookie Aleshin injured in crash during IndyCar practice


Rookie IndyCar driver Mikhail Aleshin has been taken away from the track in an ambulance after a frightening crash in the final practice session for the series season finale. More>>

Power looks for elusive IndyCar title at Fontana

Will Power (NBC Sports file photo) Will Power (NBC Sports file photo)

Will Power has started the final race of the year in first place three times since 2010. But he's still chasing that elusive first championship. More>>

IndyCar sets April 12 New Orleans date


The IndyCar series has committed to an April 12 race date for next season's inaugural Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana. More>>

Dixon gets dramatic Sonoma IndyCar win; Power 9th


Scott Dixon passed Mike Conway with three laps to go at Sonoma Raceway on Sunday, earning a dramatic IndyCar victory and muddying the overall championship race. More>>

IndyCar Grand Prix of Sonoma will continue as scheduled

IndyCar IndyCar

A 6.0 magnitude earthquake with the epicenter about six miles south of Napa woke residents and visitors about 3:20 a.m. (local). More>>

IndyCar drivers react to California earthquake

IndyCar drivers in California for Sunday's GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma got quite the wake-up call when a 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck American Canyon. Today's race will go on as planned. More>>

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