DSG Plumbing Supplies - 13 WTHR Indianapolis


Wall hydrants
Porcelain-on-steel bath and kitchen fixtures
Submersible sump, Sewage & utility pumps
Commercial and residential toilet seats
Plastic pipe and fittings
PVC tubular drain and trap connectors
Plumbing repair parts for toilets and faucets
Bathtub drains, clamps, outlet boxes, & SS connectors
Water well accessories
Shower ensembles, utility sinks, laundry tubs & mop basins
Water closets and tanks
Couplings, tees, elbows, caps, spanner flange & clamps
Solvent cements, pipe thread sealants, air admin valves, firestopping and other plumbing related products.
Pipe nipples and fitting both domestic & imports
Pump and irrigation wire
Garbage disosers, hot water dispensers, & accessories
Composite water system pressure tanks
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