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Rite Aid fined $1M following WTHR investigation

Rite Aid Corporation has agreed to pay $1 million to settle privacy violations documented by WTHR. More>>


CVS, Walgreens agree to new consumer protections

Two big drug store chains are adopting new measures to keep you safe from identity thieves. More>>

Walgreens seeks to settle case over dumped documents

New developments suggest another drug store giant may actually face punishment for trashing your privacy. More>>

13 Investigates

WTHR investigation leads to record $2.25M HIPAA settlement

A 13 Investigates report has resulted in a $2.25M settlement between HHS and the nation's largest retail drugstore chain. More>>

13 Investigates

Indiana attorney general opposed to drug store settlement offers

The state's pharmacy board director calls pharmacy chain motions "bizarre" and "procedurally flawed." More>>

CVS meets with Pharmacy Board over prescription privacy

Indianapolis - CVS allowed your personal health information to be dumped in the trash. Now the pharmacy chain and several of its pharmacists are trying to reach a settlement with the state to avoid serious More>>

13 Investigates

Indiana attorney general files charges against pharmacies

The nation's largest drug store chains are facing disciplinary action after Indiana's attorney general filed formal complaints against them for failing to protect customer privacy. More>>

Texas moving faster than Indiana on prescription privacy problem

Texas appears to be moving faster than Indiana to solve the problem of pharmacies throwing sensitive information in the trash. More>>

Investigation leads to prescription privacy changes

This year, 13 Investigates uncovered a disturbing problem at local drugstores. Now we check back with those drugstores to see what has changed. More>>

Pharmacies announce changes at more than 15,000 drugstores

The nation's largest pharmacy chains are taking action following a six-month Eyewitness News investigation that shows privacy violations at drugstores around the nation. More>>

WTHR finds prescription privacy problems nationwide

The nation's largest pharmacies said the problem was a regional one and they'd fix it. But a nationwide WTHR investigation shows privacy violations at CVS and Walgreens drugstores are still taking place and stretch far beyond the borders of Indiana. More>>

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  • Bob Segall

    Bob Segall

    Award-winning journalist Bob Segall joined Eyewitness News as the chief "13 Investigates" reporter in February of 2006.More >>
    Bob Segall 13 Investigates Reporter Award-winning journalist Bob Segall joined Eyewitness News as the chief "13 Investigates" reporter in February of 2006.More >>
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