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NCAA suggests contact limits for football practice


The NCAA is suggesting that football teams hold no more than two contact practices per week during the season in guidelines that grew out of a safety and concussion summit early this year. More>>


Notre Dame single-game tickets go on sale July 10


Notre Dame will begin selling tickets for six football games online beginning July 10 and in person the next day. More>>

Notre Dame-Georgia to play in 2017, 2019


 Notre Dame and Georgia will play in 2017 and 2019, marking the first regular-season meetings between the two schools. More>>

Notre Dame backup receiver Mahone arrested in Ohio


Notre Dame reserve receiver Will Mahone is facing felony charges of assault on a police officer, intimidation of a public servant and vandalism after being arrested in his Ohio hometown. More>>

Hoosier QB Tre Roberson transferring


Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson announced Wednesday afternoon that junior quarterback Tre Roberson would not return to the Hoosiers program in 2014, planning to transfer. More>>

Purdue students can get picture on football helmet


Some Purdue football fans will be part of the action when the Boilermakers host Iowa on Sept. 27. More>>

Notre Dame's Kelly received $607,200 bonus in 2012


Documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service show Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly earned $607,200 in bonus and incentive pay during fiscal 2012 while leading the Fighting Irish to a berth in the national championship game. More>>

Notre Dame selling stadium turf sections for $150


Notre Dame is selling rolls of grass from its football stadium to the public as it prepares to install an artificial surface before the upcoming season. More>>

Three Ball State Cardinals invited to Browns camp


Willie Snead, Zane Fakes and Nathan Ollie - all members of the 2013 Ball State football team - will get an National Football League opportunity with the Cleveland Browns. More>>

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