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Drowning deaths down overall, but still a problem

Just in time for summer swimming and boating season comes a grim government report: Drowning deaths are still a problem in the United States, even though overall deaths from drowning are down. More>>


3 easy canning recipes you need to try

Canning isn't difficult, and after a few sessions, you'll become a pro. More>>

How to throw the perfect Labor Day party

It's time to crack open the cooler, break open the BBQ grill, and jump into the pool - summer's goodbye bash is on your doorstep. More>>

Make more money at your next garage sale

How do you bring in the buyers -- and get the most money for your attic treasures? More>>

Late summer blackberries

With their glossy blue-black color and astringent, yet surprisingly sweet flavor, blackberries are a fleeting pleasure — the last, triumphant burst in summer's riotous parade of fruit.

A new twist on the Labor Day barbecue

Think Labor Day weekend is just another excuse for a barbecue?  Try celebrating the last days of summer in an all new way. More>>

3 ways to relive your favorite summer memories

A new school year may be fast approaching, but that doesn’t mean the fun has to end just yet.

4 best train trips in America

When you think about it, a family vacation by train is a no-brainer. The price is right, the scenery terrific, and everyone’s in a good mood.


Health reporter nearly killed by food poisoning

As a health reporter, I'd heard plenty of stories about food contamination and had taken steps to make sure my family's food was as safe as it could be. Contracting a foodborne illness was not something you'd expect would happen to me. More>>

Skin allergies can flare up in summer heat

Summer can be a particularly bad time for skin allergies such as eczema and hives, as well as reactions to poison ivy, oak and sumac, an expert says. More>>

Healthy summer snacks for kids

This summer make your own kid snacks rather than purchasing premade snacks. You'll have a better idea of what your kids are eating and you'll probably save money at the grocery store.

Top 12 vacation money savers

Whether you’re hopping in the car with the family for a weekend getaway or flying across the country, you can follow these simple tips to total vacation bliss. More>>

Training in the heat

Summer practice and fall sports seasons will soon be here and young athletes need to begin training now to help prevent heat-related illnesses, an expert says. More>>

10 tips for preventing mosquito bites

As the temperatures heat up and the humidity soars, mosquitoes come out of the woodwork, or rather the grass, bushes, around collections of stagnant water, and any other places that may be moist. Follow these simple tips on preventing mosquito bites. More>>

Campfire classic

Enjoy the enduring legacy of s'mores.

Water-safety essentials for parents

On a hot summer day, pools, lakes and beaches beckon children and teens. But adults need to make sure youngsters are safe when they're playing in and around water, experts say. More>>

10 cool ways to beat the heat this summer

You are probably aware of the usual ways to manage summertime heat, such as cranking up the air conditioning, drinking plenty of fluids and going for a dip in the pool. In addition to those ideas, here are some cool and unique ways to beat the heat. More>>

Parked cars deadly for kids this summer

It's only mid-July and already 21 children under the age of five have died from heatstroke in parked cars across America. More>>

Best beaches for families

Here are five sandy locations that offer something for everyone. More>>

Check your summer burn IQ

Sunburn might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer burns, but it's not the only burn that could spoil your summertime fun. More>>

Baseballs, softballs often to blame for kids' facial fractures

Most sports-related facial fractures among children occur when they're trying to catch a baseball or softball, according to new research. These injuries are relatively common, and they can be serious. More>>

Perils of grilling go far beyond charred food

ESPN anchor Hannah Storm did what many people do every weekend: She re-lit her gas grill after the fire had been blown out by the wind. More>>

Sleep tips for summer nights

Those extra hours of daylight in the summer contribute to sleep problems experienced by many Americans, experts say. More>>

8 summer health myths debunked

Thanks to the excessive heat and lots of outdoor activities, the summer lends itself to plenty of claims about health and safety. However, many of these adages simply aren't true. More>>

6 shortcuts for 6 summer recipes

You don't want to be stuck in a steamy kitchen on a hot summer day. So how can you get dinner on the patio table faster?   More>>

Dealing with kids' summer dental surprises

Children play a lot of sports and other outdoor activities during the summer and are at risk for accidents that can damage their teeth, an expert says. More>>

Simple ways to prevent fireworks injuries

Many Fourth of July fireworks-related injuries could be prevented with some common sense, according to experts who advise people to avoid using fireworks at home -- even if they're legal. More>>

Party out back: East Coast vs. West Coast grilling

From the fresh flavors of California to old-fashioned East Coast burgers, American backyard grilling is our favorite tradition, coast to coast.

Heed the heat during summer workouts

People who exercise or play sports outdoors during the summer need to take steps to avoid heat injury, especially heat stroke, an expert says. More>>

How dirty is your public pool?

What are the odds that we'll actually get sick by going swimming in a pool?

How to light fireworks at home without getting dead Video included

Fireworks are fun and iconic and beautiful and thrilling, but are also incredibly dangerous. Here's how to have fun safely.

Take safety measures before letting kids in the pool

Pools can provide lots of fun and exercise for children, but a fun day can turn dangerous if proper safety precautions aren't followed, an expert warns. More>>

Flag Day is June 14: Brush up on flag etiquette

A sometimes forgotten holiday, Flag Day is June 14th. More>>

How to cook on a grill

For successful grilling, two techniques are essential -- direct grilling and indirect grilling.

16 ways to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener

It's summer. A nice cold one would go down awfully well, but where's that bottle opener gotten to? More>>

Drowning prevention measures to keep kids safe in water

Every day in the United States, three children drown. Although many people expect a drowning child to splash and yell for help, these accidents often happen quietly without anyone noticing. More>>

Summer camp health tips for parents Video included

Regular hand washing and proper hygiene are essential to avoiding common summer-camp health issues such as lice, pinworm and bathing-suit dermatitis, according to a former summer camp physician. More>>

Summer, sensibly: Four 2013 convertibles with good gas mileage

It's now possible to have fun in the sun and get good gas mileage, with convertibles getting ever more frugal. More>>

Red, white, and blue porch decor inspiration

July 4th is coming, and here are some great patriotic decor ideas for you. Fortunately, red, white, and blue look fantastic together. More>>

Summer deadliest time of year for teen drivers Video included

Summer is the most dangerous time of the year for teen drivers and distracted driving is often the reason why, experts say. More>>

Sunless tanners still a tough sell

In their pursuit of a golden glow, young American women say that beauty concerns, not health worries, will determine how willing they are to use so-called sunless tanning products, a new survey finds. More>>

Best cheap tips for keeping your house cool

The dog days of summer are coming, and in some parts of the U.S. of A., they have already arrived. Here are some tips to help your house stay cool in the heat. More>>

As summer approaches, experts offer tips on preventing skin cancer Video included

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer, and experts note that you need to protect your skin while spending time in the sun. More>>

Memorial Day tech: Ketchup-proof TVs, drone cameras, and perfect meat

Here's a look at some of the latest and greatest gadgets that will help make this Memorial Day the best ever. More>>

Memorial Day games & activities for kids

Here are some active, outdoor games that are fun but simple to play; get ready to create summertime memories. More>>

Memorial Day BBQ checklist

The trick to grilling great meals for Memorial Day and beyond is good planning. Let's take a look at some tools, decor and other essentials that will make meal prep on your deck or patio this Memorial Day something worthy of a mention in your next family newsletter. More>>

Vacation with your dog on a budget

Not only is it possible to enjoy a fun vacation with your dog, but it's also easier than ever to do so while being frugal. More>>

Managing seasonal allergies Video included

Although spring arrived late this year in parts of the United States, the summer allergy season will still be strong, according to a sinus expert at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. More>>

Look for new, improved sunscreen labels

New labeling laws for sunscreen will help American consumers choose the product that provides the best sun protection, experts say. More>>

Many public pools contaminated with human waste

There are few things more inviting than a cool, clear pool on a hot summer day. But a new federal report will have you thinking twice before dipping a toe in the water. More>>

7 bizarre Airbnb rentals that are almost too weird to believe

Weird accommodation options are part of Airbnb's charm, so we'd like to propose seven current listings that should be verified immediately. If these folks are offering what they say they're offering, we just might book a night or two. More>>

Swimming pools may pose hazard for people with heart devices

With summer approaching, researchers caution that swimming pools may pose a risk to patients with irregular heartbeats who've received implantable defibrillators. More>>

Summer gardening guide

Summer is the time to freshen up the garden, pay careful attention to maintenance and enjoy the fruits of your labor. More>>

What to pack for your summer getaway

Summer clothes are so lightweight and versatile, you won't even need to check a bag, whether you're spending a weekend at the beach or a week in Paris. More>>

Do-it-yourself sunburn remedies

Whatever the reason you find yourself with skin that's seen too much sun, these DIY remedies will have your tender, sunburned skin feeling comfy in a flash.


How to build a backyard horseshoe pit

Building a horseshoe pit in your backyard is a great way to get the family together for outdoor activities and spend a little time exercising while having fun. More>>

The worst summer pests

During summer most of us look forward to time at the beach, fishing and other fun activities. Unfortunately, summer also means having to deal with certain pests. More>>

Beat the heat by keeping your home cool and green Video included

When the sticky-steamy days of summer heat up, it's such a relief to crank up the AC, but did you realize that half of all the energy that your home uses is tied to cooling it down? More>>

10 summer beauty tricks to look your best

Frizzy hair, clogged pores and sunburned skin are just a few follies that will take your summer look from fab to drab. Try some of these summer beauty tricks to look your best. More>>

Are public swimming pools really that dirty?

Peeing in the pool is more common than you might think. But does that mean that the water is dirty? And what about the chlorine ? Is that enough to keep the pool clean? More>>

Grill the green way this summer Video included

Summer time and grilling go hand in hand. And keeping things eco-friendly is easier now than ever before. Here are a few green tips to keep in mind this summer. More>>

Essential 4th of July safety tips

Every year thousands of people visit local emergency rooms with sunburns, bug bites and fireworks injuries. Many of these injuries could be avoided with some common sense. More>>

Is taking tech on vacation an intrusion or improvement?

From poolside smartphones to on-demand movies anywhere, technology has changed what it means to "get away from it all," for better and worse. More>>

4 tips for a tough summer job market

If you're a high school or college student looking for work in the coming months, here's some tips on how to make your own form of employment, whether you're looking to pad your resume or line your pocketbook. More>>

Air travel gets even more absurd this summer

From difficult refund processes to bin-hogging passengers, this summer is poised to be another frustrating season for travelers. More>>

How to buy a camcorder

From palm-size pocket cams to full-fledged camcorders, here's how to choose a video camera that will work for you. More>>

How to prevent bug bites and stings

Bug bites and stings can really put a damper on things, so taking steps to prevent them can go a long way towards ensuring that you have a fun and safe summer. More>>

Memorial Day crafts for kids

To get your kids into the spirit of the season and help keep them occupied over Memorial Day weekend, there are lots of simple and inexpensive crafts that they can make themselves. More>>

The best camping gadgets for technology lovers

Today's explorers want to stay connected even in the wilderness. And they can thanks to a wide range of products that let campers stay in touch with music, media content and more. More>>

10 summer health risks to watch out for

When summer arrives, people start spending a lot of time outdoors, basking in the sun's long-awaited rays. But the great outdoors can harbor some health risks. More>>

How to build a tire swing

A tire swing hanging from a large tree is a tradition that is as American as hot dogs and apple pie. Here's how you can make your own. More>>

Get ready for shorts: The legs and booty workout!

Panicked about bathing suit season? You won't be if you try these easy exercises to tone your rear, hips and thighs. More>>

Vacation with your dog on a budget

Not only is it possible to enjoy a fun vacation with your dog, but it's also easier than ever to do so while being frugal. More>>

Floating Kooler keeps your beverages close at hand even in the pool

With summer nearing its end, take advantage of what pool time you have left and throw a Floating Kooler into the mix for easy beverage access while in the water. More>>

Circus games for a backyard 'big top'

In the mood to clown around with your kids? Step right up! Grab a kazoo and some face paint, and create your own magical circus -- no tickets required! More>>

New things to try this summer

Summer is not yet over, so explore the great outdoors and try something new. These activities will quickly lift your spirits and relieve stress. More>>

Summer gadget and gear guide

From iPhones to camcorders, we run down some of the hottest new gadgets coming your way this summer. More>>

Protection against sunscreen confusion

The FDA has just released a new set of guidelines to help people better understand sunscreen labels. More>>

Avoiding summer stomach bugs

Hello, summer! It's time for picnics, fairs, festivals, swimming pools, water parks … and nasty stomach bugs that often go hand-in-hand with these warm-weather venues. More>>

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