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Hoosier couples fight for same-sex marriage at appeals hearing in Chicago Video included


The battle over same-sex marriage in Indiana played out in a new arena Tuesday, hundreds of miles away. The issue was taken up by a federal appeals court in Chicago, where a three-judge panel heard arguments over the state's gay marriage ban. More>>


Indiana's same-sex marriage debate hits major milestone this week Video included


The debate over same-sex marriage in Indiana hits a major milestone this week. More>>

Health-care fears loom large in gay marriage cases


The rights of same-sex couples during medical emergencies will loom large when a federal appeals court considers a case targeting gay-marriage bans in Indiana and Wisconsin. More>>

Judge: Pence contradicted himself on gay marriage


A federal judge has taken Indiana Gov. Mike Pence to task, saying Pence told the court he had no power to enforce Indiana's gay marriage ban and then ordered executive agencies to do so following court rulings. More>>

Indiana told to honor other states' gay marriages


A federal judge has ruled Indiana must recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states but says the ruling doesn't take effect until the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals rules on the matter. More>>

First responders support gay marriage in Indiana


Dozens of Indiana firefighters, police officers and emergency medical workers say a federal appeals court should uphold same-sex marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin for the sake of the families of gay first responders. More>>

Gay marriage supporters defend court's ruling


Attorneys trying to defend a federal ruling overturning Indiana's gay-marriage ban argue that marriage is more than just a state regulation - it's a fundamental right. More>>

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