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First responders support gay marriage in Indiana


Dozens of Indiana firefighters, police officers and emergency medical workers say a federal appeals court should uphold same-sex marriage in Indiana and Wisconsin for the sake of the families of gay first responders. More>>


Gay marriage supporters defend court's ruling


Attorneys trying to defend a federal ruling overturning Indiana's gay-marriage ban argue that marriage is more than just a state regulation - it's a fundamental right. More>>

Gay couples' lawyers object to full-court hearing


Attorneys for same-sex couples challenging Indiana's gay marriage ban are objecting to the state's request that all 10 members of the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hear the case. More>>

Same-sex couple anxiously awaits appeals court ruling Video included


A Franklin man has lived in New York and England, but is now waiting to see if he and his husband will be able to live in Indiana. More>>

Indiana outlines reasons for gay marriage appeal


Indiana has outlined its reasons for appealing a federal judge's decision that struck down the state's gay marriage ban. More>>

Indiana: 10 judges should rule on gay marriage ban


Indiana's attorney general wants more than three appellate judges to decide the fate of the state's gay marriage ban. More>>

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