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"Guardians of the Galaxy" star gives awesome surprise to young patients


Actor Chris Pratt took a special day for some young hospital patients to another galaxy Wednesday. More>>


NFL asks half-time acts if they are willing to pay for prime-time gig


For an entertainer, performing at half-time during the Super Bowl is probably the best exposure you can get. More>>

Family records every day in daughter's first year Video included


An Indiana family didn't want to forget a single moment in their daughter's first year of life - so they recorded it. More>>

Jimmy Fallon and Pierce Brosnan play GoldenEye007


On the Tonight Show Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon challenged Pierce Brosnan, former James Bond actor, to a round of GoldenEye007 on Nintendo 64. More>>

What impact is the Ice Bucket Challenge having? Video included


The Challenge has been criticized by some as being a gimmick that isn't actually making an impact, but a representative of Indiana's chapter of the ALS Association said that's not true. More>>

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