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Angry mob tosses Ukrainian politician into the trash


One of Kiev's prominent politicians came face-to-face with an angry mob outside Ukraine's parliament. More>>


Ellen and Kristen Wiig sing 'Let it Go' for the first time


Just when you thought there was no other cover of the “Frozen” hit worth seeing, Ellen goes and does this. More>>

Vet successfully removes tumor on 10-year-old goldfish Video included


An Australian man went to great lengths to save his pet after it developed a tumor around its head. More>>

Michigan funeral home offers drive-thru visitation


If you want to pay your final respects, but don't have time, there's a Michigan funeral home with a solution — drive-through visitation. More>>

Fans upset over Toby Keith's Klipsch Music Center performance Video included


According to, Toby Keith was so drunk at his show at Klipsch Music Center last weekend (Sept. 13), that he ruined the entire show. More>>

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