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The International Orangutan Center at the Indianapolis Zoo opens on May 24th, but we have a look at where they live before the exhibit opens.

Each orangutan has a bold personality and an interesting life story. These animals are nearing extinction. You'll see the zoo's commitment to educating the public about orangutans, their habitat and conservation.

Azy can be seen usually on second level where he is able to keep a close eye on everyone. It's easier for him to see everything at that level. He also likes to sleep there at night. He likes to watch little children in the public area. I have seen him studying them intently while they dance around in front of him, just talking away.
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Knobi loves to people-watch from the visitors' level by lying on her stomach while she relaxes on one of the platforms. She plays with Rocky a lot throughout the day. She usually can be seen bossing the other female orangutans around, making sure they are doing whatever it is that Knobi feels they should be doing.
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Lucy likes to push the straw back and forth from side to side, looking for the best possible spot. She likes to sit up on the window ledges that are at the front of the Center. There, she can really watch all the people. She also likes the sun that comes into the Atrium. She likes to take her naps on the lower level.
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Katy usually sits in front of the keeper windows where she can see what we are doing throughout the day. Katy will come up and sit on the platforms to give you an eye-to-eye staring contest (don't blink). Her hair will always be looking its best you count on that.

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Nicky loves to climb at the very top of the exhibit, and she's always searching for any food items that may be hiding somewhere. Nicky loves to look right into your eyes when she is peeking at you through the windows on the visitors level.

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Rocky will continually track and watch as many people as he can when they are present in the public space. He is so curious about what you are wearing, your facial expressions, what are you doing. Rocky also makes use of the fire hoses by swinging all over the place.
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Charly has his own bachelor pad in the West Oasis of the International Orangutan Center.
Basan is getting used to his new place. He will join the group later.

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