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IN Cyber combines highly qualified teachers and intensely personalized instruction with a dynamic, interactive curriculum that satisfies, challenges, and engages thousands of students across the state. As a public school, IN Cyber provides services at no cost to Indiana students and families.
What will your reason be for choosing IN Cyber?

Gifted students can take part in an accelerated program though our course of study where they may learn and progress at their pace rather than the pace of a classroom setting.

Regardless if you student is struggling with boredom in the classroom, seeks new challenges or is looking to prepare for the collegiate experience; our courses offer an array of enriched learning options.

Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior that impacts the health and wellbeing of students. Students who are bullied may experience physical as well as emotional symptoms. Our program is designed to offer a solution to students so that they may excel in the classrooms and regain their self-confidence. A student's education isn't hampered in any way. This program enables children to learn in the safety of their own home or learning environment.

IN Cyber offers elective courses in five languages: Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and Latin. Each course uses a combination of learning tools to allow students to see and hear the language. Students will use web casts, audio recordings, flashcards, games, and other tools to promote comprehensive learning of pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary. This approach allows students to develop both written and conversational language skills.

Students who earn college credit while still in high school are at a significant advantage when they graduate. Credits are transferable, and students can begin their college career with as much as two years already completed. This opportunity to earn college credits online is the only program like it in Indiana.

A Preview of our 250+ Courses
Language Arts
Social Studies
Money Management
Web Design
Arts & Music Exploration
Discovering Digital Photograpy
Sports Media & Broadcasting
Fundamentals of Law
World Cultures
Introduction to Screenwriting
Introduction to College Writing
Mystery & Science Fiction
Advanced English Literature
World Languages: Spanish
World Languages: French
World Languages: Latin
World Languages: German
World Languages: French
World Languages: Chinese
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