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Mike Tyson Timeline: An Introduction

In July 1991, Mike Tyson came to Indianapolis to take part in the Indiana Black Expo.

Click on a date below to see what happened over the next four years.

We have included photos and videos from WTHR's coverage of the key events in the case, including an interview with Desiree Washington, the young woman who filed the charges against him.

Mike Tyson then – and still now – maintains his innocence in the rape accusations

July 18 - Mike Tyson Comes to Indianapolis

Mike Tyson comes to Indianapolis at the invitation of the Indiana Black Expo.  He meets Desiree Washington, a Miss Black America contestant, at a pageant rehearsal. Washington says Tyson called her later that night to party with him.  He tells her he forgot something in his room at the Canterbury hotel.

July 22 - Mike Tyson Accused of Rape

18-year old Washington files a complaint with police accusing Tyson of rape.

September 9 - Grand Jury Indicts Tyson

A grand jury indicts Tyson on rape, criminal deviate conduct and confinement charges.

September 11 - Tyson Booked & Charged

Tyson is booked by Indianapolis police and released on $30,000 cash bond.  Tyson pleads not guilty.     If he is convicted of the charges, Tyson could face 63 years in prison.


January 27 - Rape Trial Begins

Tyson’s rape trial begins in Indianapolis.  He arrives at the City County Building with an entourage of attorneys and security personnel.

February 10 - Guilty Verdict

After nine hours of deliberation, Tyson is found guilty on one count of rape and two counts of deviate sexual conduct.

March 26 - Ten Year Prison Sentence

Superior Court Judge Patricia Gifford sentences Tyson to 10 years in prison.  Four of the years are suspended.  He begins serving his time immediately at the Indiana Youth Center (now Plainfield Correctional Facility).   Tyson’s attorneys appeal his conviction.

June 22 - Civil Suit Filed

Washington files a civil suit seeking unspecified damages against Tyson.  It was later settled out of court.

December 3 - Appeal Filed: Claims Washington Withheld Information

Famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, hired by Tyson after his conviction, files a second appeal.  It claims Washington and her parents withheld information that they discussed a book deal and movie rights and had signed a contingency fee before Tyson’s trial.


August 6 - Conviction Upheld

The Indiana Court of Appeals upholds Tyson's conviction by a vote of 2-1.

September 2 - Supreme Court Denies Appeal

The Indiana Supreme Court denies Tyson's appeal without comment.


March 25 - Tyson Released from Prison

Tyson is released from prison.  A large group of people surrounds Tyson.  He is taken to a plane waiting for him to leave Indiana.


February 13 - 21 Years Later, Tyson Returns to Indianapolis

Mike Tyson brings his one-man show Undisputed Truth to Indianapolis.  He tells Eyewitness News anchor Scott Swan he is a much different person today than he was 21 years ago. Click here to watch the full interview.

Then & Now

Then: Judge Patricia Gifford – Criminal Court Judge

Then: Criminal Court Judge

Now: Judge Gifford retired in 2009 after 30 years on the bench.

Then: Greg Garrison – Special Prosecutor

Then: Special Prosecutor

Now: Greg Garrison has his own law practice and hosts a radio show on WIBC.

Then: Vincent Fuller – Tyson’s Defense Attorney

Then: Tyson's Defense Attorney

Now: Vincent Fuller died in 2006 at the age of 75.  Fuller also defended Jimmy Hoffa and John Hinckley Junior during his law career.

Then: Jim Voyles – Tyson’s Defense Attorney

Then: Tyson's Defense Attorney

Now: Jim Voyles is still in Indianapolis.  He continues his career as a defense attorney

Then: Alan Dershowitz – Tyson’s Appeals Attorney

Then: Tyson's Appeals Attorney

Now: Often called “the lawyer of last resort” Dershowitz is a professor at Harvard Law School.  After the Tyson case, Dershowitz became the appellate advisor for  OJ Simpson’s defense team.
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