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Dr. Guyer is brilliant, thorough and caring! Where conventional doctors fail, Dr. Guyer's knowledge and extensive testing give you hope. Albeit conservative, Dr. Guyer gets to the root cause of medical issues. Being able to sit and talk with a doctor (and have them listen) for more than 10 minutes is refreshing in and of itself. Without his expertise and medical guidance, I daresay I would not be able to work; let alone enjoy life. The office staff is warm and welcoming. The on-site supplement store is convenient and the medical personnel friendly and knowledgeable. Anyone who values their health, or just wants to feel their optimal best should see Dr. Guyer!
-Pamela Roberson

I've had chronic sinus infections, extreme fatigue and achiness most of my life. My immune system was totally depleted, with constant antibiotic use. Dr. Guyer had a treatment plan which was getting to the root cause of my problem. For that, I am so grateful. The IV therapy and nutrition have helped me very much and I now have a feeling of well being. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Guyer and all of his staff. They are so kind and personable. I have also been impressed about learning new ways to treat old health issues.
-Nancy Jones, Age 70

I am very pleased with the results of my smartlipo. I am absolutely impressed with how much weight and inches I have lost.
-Amy Johnson, Age 40

Dr. Dale Guyer completed his undergraduate work at Purdue University and graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine. He travels and lectures broadly on many topics relating to integrated medicine. In his busy clinical practice he incorporates Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement, innovative strategies of Anti-Aging Medicine, Chelation Therapy, and specializes in the treatment of Complex Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia cases.

Vitamin D
• Promotes a Healthy Metabolism
• Boosts Immune Function
• Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
• Promotes Strong Bones

Why buy it from The Guyer Institute Supplement Store?
High Potency (less pills) and Purity

Fish Oil
• Crucial for Brain Development
• Supports Cognitive Function
• Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties
• Mood Enhancement/Support

Why buy it from The Guyer Institute Supplement Store?
Molecularly Distilled and Free of Toxins.

Eco-Biotic Powder (Pro Biotic)
• Promotes GI Regularity
• May Help with Irritable Bowel Symptoms
• Provides Immune System Support

Why buy it from The Guyer Institute Supplement Store?
Pure Pro-Biotic Blend (no fillers)

Max Adren (Adrenal Supplement/Energy Supplement)
• Promotes Natural Energy
• May Help Reduce Fatigue
• May Help with Stress Management
• May Enhance Stamina

Why buy it from The Guyer Institute Supplement Store?
5 Adaptogenic Herbs Designed to Support a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle

SYNER-G (Multivitamin)
• High Potency Multivitamin and Multimineral
• Packed full of antioxidants
• Promotes a Healthy Vibrant Lifestyle

Why buy it from The Guyer Institute Supplement Store?
SYNER-G is only available at the Guyer Institute.

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