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We expect the WTHR Health & Fitness Expo to fill up fast because Hoosiers are looking for information, knowledge and products to improve their health. Don’t wait - reserve your space right away and choose the spot you want.

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WTHR Health & Fitness Expo
1000 North Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204
(317) 616-0193
Thousands of health conscious attendees.

They’re ready to listen and ready to buy.

It’s a Health & Fitness Expo unlike anything Central Indiana has ever seen. Two full days with a variety of activities, celebrity appearances and attractions to pull in the kind of attentive, qualified audience you want to meet.

They are health care consumers, have money and influence. Nearly one-third have annual household incomes of more than $75,000. Fifteen percent of attendees are health care practitioners or in technical health care support. Twenty percent have contributed money to health care organizations. *

WTHR has a long history of commitment in serving Central Indiana. Dedicated to the health of our fellow Hoosiers, WTHR has developed leading health initiatives like HealthBeat, CheckUp 13 and ongoing senior health fairs.

Will you be one of the hundreds of exhibitors poised to benefit from this once-a-year opportunity?

* Source: Scarborough Research, Indianapolis, IN 2012 Release 1 (August ‘11 - January ‘12) Percentage of adults attending a health, wellness, or fitness expo in the past 12 months who fall within category.

Get Healthy.

Get Screened.

Get involved.

Visitors at this year’s inaugural WTHR Health & Fitness Expo in Indianapolis will turn out for our programming, which includes:

  • The most health care exhibits under one roof.
  • FREE tests and screenings for diabetes, heart health, hearing, cholesterol, and much more.
  • LIVE exercise, dance and cooking demonstrations.
  • Destination "zones" for kids, seniors, weight loss and fitness.
  • Panel discussions moderated by WTHR 13 anchors.
  • Exciting celebrity appearances
    (past company health fair shows featured Richard Simmons, Dr. Drew, Kyle Maynard, Boston Rob from "Survivor," and Subway’s Jared Fogle.)
Why you should participate in the WTHR Health & Fitness Expo:

Brand yourself with Central Indiana’s #1 TV Station! Channel 13 is the respected voice on health issues.

1 Visitors are active - They’ve either paid $5 to enter, or invested the energy to pick up a free ticket at a sponsor location to be determined, so they’ll spend an hour or two at the Expo talking to exhibitors. And buying!

2 Visitors are ready to make a change - They’re already interested in improving their health and learning how you can help them succeed.

3 Visitors view you as an expert - By participating in a well-produced, proven show, you’re aligning yourself with WTHR, the leader in innovative and successful community initiatives that connect with Hoosiers.

Why you should sponsor this year’s show:

1 Attach your business to one of our popular "zones" - Each zone (Senior Lifestyle, Kids, Fitness, Weight Loss) or feature (Rock Wall, Cooking Stage, etc.) will draw interested and committed visitors. You’ll have a built-in line of people to talk to about your business!

2 Show the community you support Central Indiana’s initiative to improve the health of our families.

3 Put your business in front of thousands of attendees ready to learn about your products and services, and generate qualified leads!
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