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Paths to Quality – Improving Day Care in Indiana
Paths to Quality is a program run by Indiana's Family and Social Services Administration. Its goal is to improve the quality of child care in the state and make it easier for parents to determine the appropriate place to find care for their children. The program requires participants to reach specific goals to be awarded a Paths to Quality level number. For more information about the program go to: http://www.in.gov/fssa/2554.htm

The Paths to Quality program has four levels of achievement. Day cares in the program must reach the goals listed at each level before moving on to the next. The following are descriptions of each level:

Level 1: Health and safety needs of children met.
Level 2: Environment supports children's learning.
Level 3: Planned curriculum guides child development and school readiness.
Level 4: National accreditation (the highest indicator of quality) is achieved

Eyewitness News has compiled the list of day care ministries in Central Indiana that are participating in the program. (There are other participants in PTQ that are home day cares and licensed day cares, but the following list includes only day care ministry programs)

Click to find day cares listed by city, county or level achieved in the Paths to Quality program.
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