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Welcome to WTHR's interactive crime map. Click on a location where you have experienced a robbery, burglary, property damage, or car break-in. This is a user-generated tool, which means that all the information you see comes from viewers like you.
Outdoor Theft/Damage Car Break-in
Robbery - Victim is Present Burglary - Victim doesn't have to be present
Robbery is defined by the law as taking or trying to take something from someone that has value by utilizing intimidation, force or threat. In order for robbery to take place it must be done with a victim present at the scene and can occur with a single victim or in the case of a bank hold up, multiple victims. Burglary is defined by the law as the unlawful entry to a structure to commit theft or a felony. In order for burglary to take place a victim does not have to be present. When a burglary takes place the structure being unlawfully entered can be any number of buildings including business offices, personal homes and garden sheds.
A convicted burglar reveals his secrets about breaking into your house. Scott Swan goes to prison and takes you inside the mind of a burglar. What he reveals can help you protect your home. Plus, see which Central Indiana neighborhoods are the biggest targets.

Watch 13 Investigates this coming Thursday (May 3rd) at 11:00 pm on Eyewitness News.

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