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Online advertising is an effective way to spread your message to potential customers. Whether your business is in health, retail, food, or you are simply looking to advertise for a social cause or event, WTHR's Digital Team is available to customize a campaign that meets your need and budget. is the Most Popular Local News Website in Central Indiana

More Indianapolis adults online have visited
in the past 30 days than any other local media website.


17% more adults visit than visit the

#2 local media website over a 30 day period is visited by 21% more adults monthly than


Who visits
35% have a college or
advanced degree.
44% are parents of
children under 18
41% have an annual Household
income over $75,000
Nearly 1 in 3 Upscale Online Adults ($75K+) in the Indianapolis area
visit monthly (31%)


Source: Scarborough Research, Indianapolis 2013 Release 2 (August '12 - July '13). Based on profile of visitors to website(s) in past 30 days; Indexes vs total adults online within past 30 days.



The Process is Simple


Free In-House Web Design

We can design ads for any online campaign you run on for free. We can work with images and branding specifications you supply, or you can tell us the offer and we will optimize the ad for the best performance.


Quick Turnaround

We build all of our ads in-house, and we create the majority of our ads for your approval in as few as 24 hours.


Optimizing Your Ads


Our ad platform allows you to test different offers or photos to ensure your investment is well spent. Ask your account executive to see if this is appropriate for your advertising campaign.

Same Offer. Different Photos.

Do customers respond better to red or blue? Do they like a photo of a baby or dog on the carpet for your store? We can run the same offer on multiple ads, but use different images. Our ad platform will adjust to serve the ad with the best response throughout the course of the campaign.

Multiple Offers.

Will visitors respond more to the car or SUV offer? Do they prefer a coupon for lunch or dinner? Our ad platform tracks which ads are performing the best and will automatically deliver the best performing ad more often.











Frequently Asked Questions

What ad sizes do you offer?

All of our ad sizes can be found on our ad specifications page, which also has information if you want to create your own ad. We offer a homepage pencil ad, video pre- and post-roll and multiple tablet and phone options to reach your customers the way they consume news and info.


I only want to advertise on articles related to ____________. Is that possible?

Yes, we are able to target ads to certain sections of our site, such as health or business articles. This is available at premium pricing. Ask your account executive if this is right for your campaign.


Can I target specific zip codes?

Yes, targeting in certain zipcodes is possible. Your account executive can walk you through the process to see if this is right for your campaign.


I have an idea on what I want the ads to look like, but don't know how to create the ads.

You can send us graphics, logos, or even write our your idea and we will work to turn it into reality.


Get Started


Are you ready to get started or have any further questions? Contact WTHR's Digital Director, Amy Parrish, at

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