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A Fair to Remember

Friday, September 12th 2014
Doors open at 9am
10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

Indiana State Fairgrounds

Flu shots provided by Walgreens: $25 or no out-of-pocket cost with insurance or Medicare card. Know Your Numbers total lipid/glucose and blood pressure screening, vision testing, grip strength, foot screenings, medication review, balance assessments, flexibility screenings and more! Musical entertainment provided throughout the day.

Over 100 vendors with health information and giveaways!

Sign up today! Space is limited and registration is required.
Call 800.777.7775 or go to

* $5 per person with registration and payment by September 5.
Registration after this date is $15 per person depending on availability.

WTHR is proud to partner with American Senior Communities to bring central Indiana the latest in Health information.

Serving a Generation that Made a Difference

Senior Health News

Featured Stories
Facility keeps Alzheimer's patients active

A west Indianapolis woman is sharing her solution when she realized she could no longer care for her mother, who has Alzheimer's.

Learn more.
Benefits help Vietnam vet in assisted living

An Indianapolis couple is grateful to learn that some veteran perks are helping provide a better quality of life for those who signed up to join the military when others were dodging the draft.

Learn more.
Senior Rehabilitation

A debilitating injury meant a long-time civil servant could no longer work. But he's not giving up. In an effort to give back, he works to get well.

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Archived Stories
Thousands of families deal with their loved ones losing their memory. For one Zionsville family, it was a struggle to balance home care and their day-to-day lives.
Senior community uses activities for short-term rehab
Better medicine management and fun therapies are credited for a dramatic turnaround for an Indianapolis woman.
Mist therapy helps treat wounds in elderly
Wound care is critical for all patient populations, but especially in seniors who traditionally heal at a slower rate.
Experts value visits with loved ones
The value of a visit with a loved one can be great, but it can also be frustrating. Especially if they no longer remember your name or relationship. But experts say you should still visit anyway..
Health Fair walker, 93, shares longevity tips
At 93, Florence has now exceeded the average life expectancy for American women by ten years, and has lived 14 years longer than most American men.
Program helps seniors recover from broken hip injuries
The statistics are grim. When a senior citizen falls and breaks a hip, twenty percent die within a year. But a south side woman was determined to get back home healthy.
Senior Couple Strives to Stay Together
Caring for your loved ones as they get older is a concern on the minds of many Hoosiers. Eyewitness News met with a senior couple with a unified hope that they always share the same address.
Memories in the Making
Learn about the Memories in the Making program at American Senior Communities, featured on WTHR's Focus segment.
Rehab patients hope to be home for holidays
Patients in rehabilitation facilities are working hard to make it home for the holidays. For one south Indianapolis couple, months of therapy is soon coming to an end.
Woman sets Thanksgiving as rehabilitation goal
An Indianapolis woman is working extra hard at her rehabilitation to get home for Thanksgiving.
Music therapy helps seniors remember
If you have seen a loved one with dementia and Alzheimer's slip away, you understand waiting for the moments where they remember. Caregivers tell us that if you play music, you might just get that glimpse and your loved one can get boost, too..
Joint surgeries on the rise in baby boomers
Baby boomers are seeking surgical fixes in record numbers for their aching bones and joints. Knee replacements have doubled over the last decade and new research shows hips are trending that way, too.
Home protocols essential for heart patients
When heart patients are in the hospital their caregivers follow precise protocols. But when the patient is discharged, they often head to rehab or home where the routine can be dramatically different.
Rehab option helps guard against hospital readmission
Hospital re-admissions are costly for your health and your bank account. That concern was very much on the minds of one central Indiana family, and it affected their decision on how to care for a loved one.
Watch seniors for signs of dementia
Lynette moved her mother to American Senior Communities Harrison Terrace, the only fully dedicated dementia Alzheimer's facility in the state and she visits often.
Rehab program gets heart patients back on their feet
John DeWitt is back on track after a south side program recommended by his doctor. Small steps are now just one measure of big progress for DeWitt.
Energy Wellness Program
Now 66 and retired, Biggs has a new accountability partner at the new Energy Wellness Program. It's built specifically for an adult 50 and older.

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