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Real Estate Update: Making changes for Fall season

Real Estate Update: Making changes for Fall season

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INDIANAPOLIS - Real Estate expert Greg Cooper joins Eyewitness News Sunday Sunrise to give updates and tips on the real estate market.Today Greg gives some tips on things you can do to spruce up your house for the approaching Fall seasonRead more

Greg Cooper's Quick Tips

What home sellers can do to make their property's first impression stand out

  1. Paint the front door EVEN if you don't think it needs it!
  2. Polish or replace door hardware
  3. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN everything!
  4. Fresh landscaping, mulch, plants are a MUST
  5. Avoid seasonal/holiday decorations or make certain they are timely!

How do you purchase a foreclosure home?
They can be bought at Sherriff's sale OR though the local MLS. In most cases you'll need a Realtor to help you view the property.

What price points and locations can foreclosures be found?
They're available in virtually every price point from more modest starter type homes to very high end, executive level properties. They can be bought from Greenwood to Carmel and in virtually every other central Indiana community.

What types of protection should you have to buy a foreclosure?
A great home inspector is a must. Sometimes these properties have no power or heat so you have to make arrangements to have them inspected around those issues.

What are the biggest challenges to buying a foreclosure?
Knowing the true condition of the actual physical structure and knowing the realistic market value of the home in move in condition. It never helps to overpay.

What are the realistic benefits to buying a foreclosure?
Sweat equity. Buyers can gain equity pretty quickly if they make a good purchase...but note....flipping homes is not as easy as it used to be.

What types of surprises should you watch for?
You have to expect the unexpected during the search process. Animals, insects can stow away inside homes, a home's condition can change quickly when it's unoccupied.
What home improvements return the most bang for your buck when selling.

  1. Kitchens and Master Suites now are the best places to spend money
  2. Make certain home improvements are neutral for the best dollar return
  3. Consult a professional when making upgrades so you can know if your money is being spent wisely.
  4. Master bath areas and main floor half baths are important to resale as well.
  5. Know what upgrading certain areas of the home won't help you in resale.

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