Zionsville dentist aims for 'Ninja' status on NBC show

Dr. Tim Gossweiler is aiming for an appearance on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior."
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A Zionsville man is a dentist by day and ninja by night. Dr. Tim Gossweiler will compete on NBC's "American Ninja Warrior."

Gossweiler is like a lot of dentists. His work requires precision and a gentle hand aided by a healthy sense of humor.

But he does a lot more than just clean teeth.

"I'm proud of him. I can tell everyone I go to a ninja dentist, so that'll be good," said Candy Adkins.

Gossweiler tried out for the NBC show that mixes strength and endurance with the ability to tackle a crazy obstacle course.

"I've been working extra hard on advanced moves to get ready for Stage 3," he said.

He submitted an audition tape emphasizing that if his son can make it through boot camp, this Army dad can take on a challenge too. He's been training by climbing indoors at Hoosier Heights on the northwest side of Indianapolis.

"There's no swords involved and I think, technically ninja, you have swords and there's no swords involved whatsoever," Gossweiler said.

At 51, his strength and agility may be better than most 20-year olds. He admits, though, it's difficult to draw parallels between climbing and his professional work.

After the competition and the show, his patients may be in for a new kind of dentist.

"I doubt if they're going to be too scared of me. They'll probably be laughing at me more than anything," Gossweiler said.

Or thrilled knowing the guy who checks their teeth is also an American Ninja Warrior, even if he won't admit it.

"No 'Dr. Ninja' or anything like that," he said. "Just Tim works for me."