Zaycon Foods offers bulk meat buying in central Indiana

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A new way to buy meat for your family could help trim the fat from your food budget.

Mike Conrad of Zaycon Foods is bringing his business to Indianapolis. Customers can drive up and pick up their order from the back of a truck.

It's funny because a lot of people are like, 'chicken out of a truck?' And again, every chicken you have ever eaten came out of the back of a truck. It's just that you're cutting out that brick and mortar so you can get it cheaper," said Conrad.

The idea came from Conrad's brother who was a meat manager at a supermarket.

"He gets these forty pound cases as a butcher and he would process it, put it on a nice tray, put cellophane on it and then charge you two dollars more a pound. So his idea was maybe I can sell it in bulk, like I get it and get people a better deal," said Conrad.

That's how Zaycon Foods was born in 2001. The goal was to bring fresh meat to consumers faster.

"It could be twelve to fifteen days old before you get it, and then it sits in your fridge for maybe five or six more days. With us, you're getting it between a day to five days, so the difference is pretty significant," said Conrad.

How it works 

Shoppers place their orders online. After choosing what you want, you're given a day and time and the address of a local drop-off spot.

Conrad promises quality control.

"When we deliver our chicken, we purchase the chicken from a processor that's USDA approved. That chicken goes from the processor to you. We don't touch the chicken. We don't open it. We don't do anything. We hand you what was given to us, right to you. That means no one's touched it. Nobody's opened it. The bags are sealed," he said.

Keep in mind that the minimum purchase is big - for chicken, for example, it's forty pounds.

"it seems like a lot. but it's really not. You'll get the forty pounds, cut it up and put it in your freezer," said Conrad.

The company currently serves 1,000 locations in 48 states, including several sites here in Indiana.

The company plans to deliver loads of hot dogs, fillets, kielbasa, and ribs to sites in Fishers, Avon, Indianapolis, and Greenwood on May 6th and 7th.