Youth ministry holds vigil for fallen officer


Indianapolis - A prayer vigil was set for 6:00 pm Tuesday at a church not far from where a Metro Police officer was critically injured.

Officer David Moore was shot four times at a traffic stop Sunday morning. On Tuesday evening, IMPD Chief Paul Ciesielski announced that Moore would not recover from his injuries, and that the family was arranging organ donation.

The prayer vigil will be held at Jones Tabernacle Church, 2510 East 34th Street, not far from the shooting.

The vigil is being organized by Young Men, Inc. Executive Director Rev. Malachi Walker issued the following statement on behalf of Young Men, Inc. Youth Ministry.

"Throughout the years, the Young Men, Inc. Youth Ministry has held prayer vigils on behalf of victims of violent or senseless crimes. We stand behind IMPD and its officers and we believe that they are working hard to make our community a safe place to reside. We teach our participants to respect law enforcement and to value authority. This is the first vigil we have sponsored on behalf of a wounded officer. We want IMPD to know that we support them in the challenges and dangers that they face on a daily basis within the City of Indianapolis. We are inviting the entire community to stand with us on behalf of Officer Moore as he continues to fight for his life at Wishard Hospital."

"I believe in the power of prayer and I would ask the people of this city to use the time that I was going to speak tomorrow night to pray, attend blood drives or volunteer in support of Officer David Moore, his family and his extended IMPD family," said Mayor Greg Ballard in a statement issued to the media Tuesday.

More about Young Men, Inc.:

The mission of Young Men, Inc. is to empower young African-American males mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, and to foster an attitude of achievement by providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve positive direction in life. Participants are recruited throughout Marion County, in low-income housing areas, such as Indianapolis Public Housing Communities (IPHC), Center Township and other economically disadvantaged areas. Major activities include personal development workshops in conflict resolution, personal development, empowerment, health and fitness, career development, cultural awareness, self-discipline and self-respect. While the program holds its empowerment camp during the summer months; in the off season, it holds mentoring sessions; workshops and field trips.

The program also offers structured recreation in a safe, non-threatening environment, field trips and mentoring. The goals of the male empowerment program are: 1) to empower males to take control of their lives; 2) to empower males to accept responsibility for their lives and gain strength and courage to rebuild their community; 3) to reduce the culprits that impede males, especially African American males from succeeding; and 4) teach sound, moral and social values. Young Men, Inc. hopes to empower these young men to leave the negative history behind them, and start making new history by looking forward to the future and reducing the negative statistics that currently exists among African-American males.