Your garage door opener could give thieves access to your home


If you keep your house locked up at night, you may think you are safe from intruders. But there is one small detail that many forget that could give criminals easy access to your home.

Speedway Police are investigating a recent string of break-ins where the thieves got into the home through the garage.

"In each of these circumstances, we had a homeowner who left their garage door opener in a vehicle in the driveway," explained Sgt. James Thiele with the Speedway Police Department.  He said the thieves opened the garage door and came in the house.

In each case there were people inside the home at the time. In most cases, thieves got away with valuables.

Similar crimes have happened in Indianapolis neighborhoods, as well.

Investigators aren't sure if any of the crimes are connected.

But they warn, it's a situation that can happen anywhere.

Sgt. Thiele explained, "A lot of people don't stop and think that if somebody can get into your car, somebody goes into the garage just by pushing a little button, it makes it easy for somebody to get into your home."

Police recommend keeping your car locked; as well as the door from your garage to your home. And bring the garage door opener in at night.

No arrests have been made in the Speedway cases.

Police have stepped up patrols in that area.