Your child's lunch money going to waste?


Is your child's lunch money going to waste, along with the food they're buying? 

The new federal guidelines requiring schools to serve healthier choices has schools seeing more food thrown out, as some students turn up their noses at the healthier item. But we found one local high school that's seeing success in how it serves up lunch.

At Center Grove High School in Greenwood, the newly-remodeled cafeteria offers several lines with a variety of choices.

Conner Stapleton is a student at Center Grove, "I like the spicy chicken sandwiches, always have loved the fruit there," he said. "The yogurt is also a nice addition."

Senior Nilofer Rajpurkan says, "Just seeing it evolve over the years, now there's a lot more options. And they all taste good, too."

The signs show students what they need for a healthy lunch for $2.25.  In the old days, it was hamburgers, pizza, chicken patties and fries. Now, it's yogurt parfaits, multiple choices of raw vegetables and fruits, and a healthy arrangement of chicken or meat items.

Cherrie Agan works in the Center Grove cafeteria. She says, "We do taste testing with students. The parmesan broccoli, if you add a bit of parmesan cheese and add a bit of seasoning to it, it tastes a little bit better than having the steamed broccoli by itself."

Agan has worked at Center Grove for more than 20 years. While she says students will throw out the food they don't like, wasted food is kept to a minimum thanks to the increase in selection.  She says, "We have enough out there and a variety of things that they can take what they want. So, if they take what they want they're gonna eat it, as opposed to giving them things that they don't want."

Thursday morning on Eyewitness News Sunrise, we'll have some quick, healthy and even fun food ideas for parents and kids if they pack their kids lunches.