Young suspects caught after downtown attacks

Teenagers attacked two people in a downtown parking lot this weekend.
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Metro police stayed busy this weekend looking for children involved in some serious crimes, even sending two people to the hospital.

Police say the suspects attacked two people downtown and tried to get away.

"We called the ambulance right after this happened, because I was bleeding a lot," said victim Javan Carrera.

Carrera says the children jumped him in broad daylight Sunday afternoon.

"My nose is broken in three places, from what they described. They gave me a CAT scan. I got four stitches on the side of my nose, just to close up the gash, a swollen lip," Carrera said.

The attack happened as Carrera walked home from the library. When he crossed Pennsylvania Avenue, three teenagers confronted him in this parking lot.

"They decided to run at us and they attacked me and my friend, they left me with a gash on my nose," he said.

As paramedics treated Carrera for his injuries, he learned of a second attack and that time, the young suspects did not get away.

An IMPD officer outside the Sheraton hotel several blocks away spotted a 14-, 15- and 17-year old fitting the description of Carrera's attackers. The officer arrested the trio at a nearby IndyGo bus stop on Ohio Street.

Two other suspects, ages 11 and 12, were arrested on robbery and drug charges after a separate attack near the Abbey Meadows apartments. They reportedly pulled guns on a woman in the parking lot of the apartment complex after she refused to buy drugs. The woman wasn't hurt.

"I look at those kids and say, 'They are just kids'," said Carrera.

He hopes they will at least learn early that crime doesn't pay. The suspects were taken to juvenile detention. The guns they were using were BB guns made to look like the real thing.

Carrera will find out later if he will need surgery after the attack that left him injured.