Young readers excited for "The Fault in Our Stars" premiere

"The Fault in Our Stars" is based on a book by Indianapolis resident John Green.
His book has sold more than seven million copies. The film adaptation opens in Indianapolis Thursday night and fans of John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars" couldn't be more excited.

Carmel teen Madyson Hook said, "I've been preparing for this day. When my parents got me a ticket I cried and I've been crying ever since."

Madyson has read Green's novel 30 times.

"I read it every day and pick it up whenever I can," she said.

The story follows two teenage cancer patients who meet in a support group and fall in love. It's set in Indianapolis (where Green has lived since 2007) and Amsterdam. Green refers to several Indianapolis places throughout the book, including Castleton Square Mall, the Broad Ripple Farmers Market and the Speedway gas station at 86th and Ditch.

Madyson lives not far from there and knows exactly where it appears in the book: Chapter 18, page 242.

Standing in front of the gas station, she reads from the book, "It says, 'Hazel Grace, I'm at the gas station. Something is wrong. You gotta help me.'"

Madyson loves tracing the character's steps.

"I wanted to go everywhere. I wanted to see where I was reading," she said. "I wanted to picture it better."

Though the story is set in Indianapolis, the film was shot in Pittsburgh. But certain scenes, like the Funky Bones sculpture at the Indianapolis Museum of Art's 100 Acres, were recreated.

Westfield seventh grader Allison Gresham and two friends arrived at 100 Acres with book in hand. They, too, wanted to see the places portrayed in the book.

As they walked toward Funky Bones, they talked over one another saying, "I'm just imagining them sitting there, yes a little blanket and all. It's so cute."

The girls said they had become very attached to the two teenage characters, Gus and Hazel, and thought it was "so cool" the story took place in Indianapolis and that "it's such a big deal."

They also planned to head to the Ruins at Holliday Park, where the book says Hazel could hear "the screams of the kids on the playground."

How would it all play out on the big screen? Were they worried the movie wouldn't live up to the book?

Madyson gave an emphatic "no."

"I have all the faith in John Green," she said. "I've been watching him on YouTube for two years now and I know he wouldn't want it to go badly."

Madyson also had some advice for friend's without tickets to tonight's opening.

"Don't text me after 8:30!" she said.

She'll provide a full review Friday morning.

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