Young entrepreneurs have successful Lemonade Day at Statehouse

Gov. Mike Pence joins young entrepreneurs at Lemonade Day at the Statehouse in May 2014.
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Five young entrepreneurs enjoyed perfect weather Friday for Lemonade Day at the Indiana Statehouse.

Governor Mike Pence visited Chanasia Brown, 7, Leyla Kpotufe, 6, Camarrah Mason, 6, Nathan Walsh, 7 and Sam Walsh, 4, on the south lawn of the Statehouse. The children sold more than 300 cups of lemonade, earning $414.14 in sales.

“Visit a lemonade stand anywhere in Indiana, and you’ll meet the next generation of Hoosier entrepreneurs,” said Pence. “Today the spirit of enterprise is on the rise across the state, with Hoosiers dreaming big dreams and never settling in the pursuit of their goals. Lemonade Day allows our young entrepreneurs to enjoy the fruits of their labor, have fun, and learn the business fundamentals necessary to brighten both their futures and, in turn, that of Indiana’s economy.”

Proceeds will benefit the Lemonade Day Seed Fund, which will provide start-up money for students selling at next year's Lemonade Day. This year's entrepreneurs all received funds from the fund.

Lemonade Day is a national initiative started four years ago in Houston, Texas, by Indiana native Michael Holthouse. The program is designed to teach children how to start and operate their own business. Last year, 20,000 children in 30 states participated in Lemonade Day.