Young Colts team rapidly shedding underdog status

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The Indianapolis Colts are the talk of the NFL Friday after winning their fourth game in a row.

This young team that most figured would have no chance of getting to the playoffs is now 6-3 and very much in the playoff hunt.

Rookie quarterback Andrew Luck is getting national attention as a possible MVP candidate after leading the Colts past the Jaguars 27-10 Thursday night.

Andrew Luck had two rushing touchdowns in the first half. Maybe his brand-new hairdo had something to do with his performance.

Many Colts players shaved their heads or dyed their hair orange in support of Coach Chuck Pagano, who is battling leukemia. Fans have gotten in on the game to show their support, too.

"Give a lot of credit to [defensive end] Cory Redding and [punter] Pat McAfee. I think they're the ringleaders of us merry men. It's great that it's getting some attention and raising awareness for Chuck Strong and anybody else going through it," said Luck.

"A lot of guys got a lot of good hearts. We don't have any selfish guys here, for the guys who do that for Coach P. It says a lot," said Antoine Bethea, Colts free safety.

While the bald look suits some of the players, Bethea jokingly guessed that the worst might be "Andrew Luck! But it's all in good fun and the way we played tonight, we might need to keep them shaved!"

Pat McAfee, who's gone from long locks which he donated to charity to completely bald in support of his coach, thanked Dave Calabro for lying when Dave complimented him on the shaved head. "Obviously I don't look good, but it's a great cause!" he said, pumping his fist.

"Tonight was great. Anytime we get a win on the road, especially a divisional game, you can't ask for much more. It was a great win for everybody, great win for our cause. Great win for our season," said McAfee.

Now it's on to New England next week - and a whole new challenge.