Young brothers fighting to recover

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May 20, 2010 update: The teen who was babysitting the children that morning has been charged with setting the fire.

Indianapolis - Three young brothers are in the battle of their lives as they fight to recover from burns.

Joseph, 8, Brenton, 7, and Isaiah Holliday, 3, are all at Riley Hospital from burns sustained after their Cottage Avenue home caught fire last week.

The boy's father says doctors are keeping his three sons in medically-induced comas as they recover from their burn wounds.

"I don't see how my kids made it. I see it all the time," said Richard Holliday, his eyes welling with tears as he talks about his three sons who were caught in an unexplained house fire. It happened last Tuesday after their father left for work around 5:00 am.

Forty-five minutes later, several neighbors called 911.

OPERATOR: "Fire and ambulance, what is the address of your emergency?"
CALLER: "710 Cottage, The fire is too darn strong."
OPERATOR: "Is anybody is in the house?"
CALLER: "Yes, the father and one of the sons is still in the house and there's flames are shooting out the front door! Oh, my God!"
OPERATOR: "So you are saying there people in the house?"
CALLER: "Yes, the father and one of the sons are still in the house. Oh, my God! They can't be alive! They still can't be alive!"

The fire happened as a 14-year-old neighbor boy babysat Joseph, Brenton and Isaiah. The teen told firefighters that he managed to save two of the boys. But an investigation concluded that the teen had actually set the fire.

"I am just glad that they got out and that they are alive," said Holliday.

The three brothers are sedated at Riley Hospital. Joseph and Brenton are on life support. Isaiah is not on life support, but he has burns over 45 percent of his body.

Holliday told Eyewitness News he has no idea how the fire started. He's leaving that up to fire investigators. He also said there was a working smoke detector inside.

"There is a signed paper saying the day I received them from the Garfield Park Fire Station," he said.

How the fire started is still under investigation. Arson experts went back to the house this week.

Although the fire destroyed all of the family's belongings and their house, he remains focused on the one day his three sons get to come home.

Holliday says doctors are discussing skin grafts for his sons.

Family and friends have set up a Holliday Children Recovery Fund. People wanting to help can donate at any National City Bank.