Yorktown Schools consider no valedictorian or salutatorian

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Yorktown High School might replace the traditional system of naming a valedictorian and salutatorian with a new system to recognize its highest-performing students, according to a release from the superintendent's office.

The Yorktown Community School Board and administrators are considering replacing the traditional val/sal honor system with a new one that mirrors that used by many post-secondary institutions. All students, not just the top two, who meet the school's highest standards of excellence would qualify for recognition on tiered system that would include Summa Cum Laude ("with highest distinction"), Magna Cum Laude ("with great distinction"), and Cum Laude ("with distinction").

Teachers, parents and students have taken part in discussions.

The potential shift has included significant input from teachers, discussions with university admissions and a review of the school corporations' core beliefs. Additionally, school board members, parents, and students have taken part in discussion considering the pros and cons of the change.

Superintendent Jennifer McCormick said schools that have made such a change have seen achievement go up "as more students begin to strive for obtainable levels of honor."

The Yorktown school board plans to vote on the issue this month. The regular July meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. July 16 at the administration office, 2311 S. Broadway.

Story from The Muncie Star Press