Yorktown Council to vote on status of town marshal next week

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The future of Yorktown's top cop is up in the air.

Town Marshal Richard "Todd" St. John was put on administrative leave after someone accused him of giving alcoholic beverages to students.

Monday, the town council is expected to decide whether to put St. John back to work or end his career.

Last June was a proud moment for St. John and one of his law enforcement students at Yorktown High School who posed for graduation pictures.

It's what allegedly happened at a graduation celebration that now has the teacher who doubled as the Town Marshal under investigation for possible official misconduct and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

"Honestly, I think it's ridiculous," said former Yorktown student Matthew Murray.

"He was there for the kids. He just wanted to help, wanted to be around the kids, liked being around us," said Murray in the marshal's defense.

St. John is accused of providing alcoholic beverages for students at Matthew Murray's open house after an adult reported it to the Indiana State Police.

The Town Marshal's office is locked up, but come Monday, the council will decide whether St. John should be allowed back in.

Word about the investigation has leaked out all around town.

Concerned residents brought their concerns to 13 Investigates, saying quote:

"It seems that our town board and town manager think that this isn't a big deal. Please help the community to see what they are hiding from all of us. I am concerned for our kids and community."

"I don't think anybody's hiding or covering for him. It all boils down to six weeks. It's been more than six weeks now that this has been going on. If this wasn't for his position this would be done in a week," explained Murray.

"I'd prefer not to be on TV," said Town Manager Peter Olson, standing in the public foyer of the town's Field Operations building. "But after talking with our attorney because he's on paid administrative leave. At this time we don't believe we have to turn anything over," said Olson.

We went to the town manager's office to request St. John's disciplinary file. Olson refused to turn over any information.

"You are denying us this information?" questioned 13 Investigates.

"I have no comment on the personnel issue at this time," said Olson.

Murray, now a student at Ball State, says he was questioned by Indiana State Police months ago and wants to see his law enforcement role model back patroling the streets of Yorktown.

"From my understanding if he doesn't get any legal charges on him he can still not be brought back," said Murray.

Indiana State Police have yet to respond to WTHR's request for police reports related to this investigation.

WTHR has asked Indiana's Public Access Counselor to advise Yorktown of its requirements to provide public records under Indiana law.

St. John is on leave with pay, but he is no longer on staff as a teacher.

This case has split the community. Some of their comments can be found on the town's Facebook page.