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This blog, which was in use during the March 24-25 snowfall, will no longer be updated. For the latest weather and news, visit WTHR.com.

2:29 PM: From Chris Wright: Indy's storm total is now up to 9". This is now the 4th snowiest March and the 8th snowiest season. 

1:23 PM: Rich Van Wyk reports: the last time the city called in private contractors to clear neighborhood streets, it cost taxpayers $400,000. Before Sunday's storm, Indianapolis had already spent $4.8 million on snow removal/road treatment for the 2012-2013 winter. The city will not be bringing in private contractors to remove Monday's snow.

12:17 PM: Update on road conditions from Indiana State Police:

I-70- Wet to snow covered in spots with ramps snow covered. The stretch through eastern Henry County, 123mm-131mm continues to have slide offs and crashes as the additional snow fall has been keeping that section snow covered.

I-69 continues to have slide offs and crashes from the 232mm to the 252 mm as units are reporting blowing snow that keeps recoating the roadway. State Roads range from snow covered to slush covered.

First Sergeant Tim Kaiser, Assistant District Commander at the Pendleton Post, said the blowing snow on I-69 continues to be a problem.

"People get up to speed on the wet road, only to come across a section of I-69 that has iced over from the blowing snow. This continues to be a problem on I-69 through Delaware County as folks aren't slowing down."

Drive according to road conditions:

•Allow extra time to get to your destination.

•Clear all windows of ice and snow and remove snow from hood, roof and headlights and tail lights.

•Beware of bridges, underpasses, overpasses and intersections where ice tends to form first.

•Don't use cruise control on slick roads.

•Avoid abrupt stops and starts, slow down gradually and keep wheels turning to avoid losing traction.

•Use headlights even during daylight hours

•Increase the following distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.

•Decrease your speed according to the road conditions

•Make sure you have a charged cell phone in your vehicle AND NEVER TEXT WHILE DRIVING.


Check road conditions here.

11: 38 AM: Chuck Lofton says the strip of snow about 30 miles wide continues to flow back over Central Indiana. As a result, history making amounts in Indy with the airport now up to 8.7".


(Generally 4"-8" with some spots more)

COVINGTON       10.5"
W. LAFAYETTE      9.5"
FORTVILLE             7.9"
FISHERS                 7.4"
CARMEL                 6.7"
AVON                     6.7"
RICHMOND          4.5"
RUSHVILLE               4"
SHELBYVILLE            4"

11:08 AM: To help letter carriers deliver mail, the Postal Service is asking customers to clear snow and ice from sidewalks, stairs and mailboxes. Customers receiving door delivery should make sure their sidewalks, steps and porches are clear. Customers receiving curbside delivery should remove snow piles left by snow plows to keep access to their mailboxes clear for letter carriers. Delivery service may be delayed or curtailed whenever streets or walkways present hazardous conditions for letter carriers or when snow is plowed against mailboxes.

10:31 AM: The City of Indianapolis says it's NOT calling in private contractors to clear neighborhood streets. Typically the city calls them in when snowfall exceeds six inches. Indy got 7.2, but they're not doing it this time because pavement temps are expected to be above freezing by noon. They anticipate the snow will melt. How are roads in your neighborhood?

10:02 AM: Current crash locations: Left lane blocked due to crash on I-465 NB at 56th/Shadeland/Exit 40; crash at 15th and Post; crash at 71st and Dean; I-65 south at County Line Road (Exit 101) More traffic conditions here.

9:33 AM: Chuck Lofton just updated us in our morning editorial meeting. We've already set a snowfall record for March 25th, and for every extra tenth of an inch that falls today, that will be a new record. Although Indy has 7.2 at the airport so far, it may not look like it because the snow is compacted and wet.

8:37 AM: RECORD BREAKER! 7.2" snowfall in Indianapolis sets a new record for this date. Previous mark was 5.8" in 1912.

7:40 AM: Here are the latest snow totals from the National Weather Service:  

Covington          10.5"

Fishers                7.5"

Indianapolis International Airport  7.2"

Carmel                 6.6"

Avon                    6.2"

West Lafayette     5.8"

Muncie                5.5"

Martinsville           4"

Mooresville          4"

Shelbyville            4"

6:47 AM: Update from the Madison County Sheriff's Department: All roads all snow covered with ice underneath the snow. There are many roads that are drifting, the north/south roads seem to be drifting more in the north portion of the county. The east west roads seem to be drifting more in the south portion of the county. Madison County highway crews started 12 hour shifts at 9:00 p.m. Sunday and with the drifting they are trying to keep up with the main roads. Those main roads are in fair condition with continued drifting, secondary roads are drifting as well and are rough going. 

6:27 AM: Message from the City of Greenwood this morning says all city offices there will be closed today, due to the weather conditions.

6:06 AM: We talked with Indiana State Police in Pendleton and they tell us I-70 is going to be wet with a few slick spots, as the I-70 corridor received four to five inches of snow. I-69 is wet with slick spots, especially north of the mile marker 232. That area is reporting 6 to 8 inches of snow. State roads are wet to snow covered throughout the district. State troopers are reporting road conditions improving as the morning wears on. From 3:00 p.m. Sunday until 5:00  a.m. Monday, Pendleton state troopers worked 22 slide offs, 13 property damage crashes and three minor personal injury crashes.

5:37 AM: Jeremy Brilliant reports that commuters will see some snow and ice patches as you travel through I-69 near 82nd Street on the northeast side of Indianapolis.  Jeremy says that, at times, 82nd Street had a lot of ruts and slick spots that could make your car slide around, so make sure you reduce your speed and give yourself some extra time to get to work. 

5:24 AM: We just received word from Hamilton Southeastern Schools that they are closing today. They were originally going to be on a 2-hour delay this morning, but have no decided to cancel classes for today.

5:15 AM: An IPS spokesman said that IPS schools are "closed today for intersession".  That is, while school was already out for break, other activities (notably, remediation) were scheduled to take place today. They have now been canceled.

4:52 AM: Kris Kirschner reports that streets around I-65 and Southport Road are wet to snow-covered in spots. She points to some curb lanes that are slush-covered and potentially dangerous for motorists driving into a intersection to make a right-hand turn.

Jeremy Brilliant showed us current conditions in Fishers, where snow is still falling at 116th St. just west of I-69. Snow and ice have been cleared from some Hamilton County roads, but many are still covered with a layer of snow and slush.

Meteorologist Sean Ash was in the Broad Ripple area, and said surface streets are still wet to snow covered, but that DPW's snow plows were working on many streets.

3:20 AM: Chuck Lofton says the Monday morning rush hour will be cloudy and windy, just a little light snow remains… maybe 1-2 inches.



LAFAYETTE        7.2"


CARMEL            6.5"



Chuck says this is the most snow ever in Indy after March 24th, and only the third 6-inch snow event after March 1st.

2:43 AM: SkyTrak Doppler radar shows the snow south of I-70 has all but stopped, except for a small area or two between Bloomington and Cincinnati. Snow is still falling across much of the northern half of Indiana. Chuck Lofton and Sean Ash are in the weather center right now, preparing an update for Sunrise and for wthr.com. Sunrise starts at 4:00 this morning.

1:06 AM: We're not alone in this one. Here's a look at the progress of this storm as it moves through the Midwest:

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) - Winter storm warnings and advisories have been issued as far east as Pennsylvania as a storm system moves across the country after dumping up to 15 inches of snow on parts of Colorado and Kansas.

St. Louis already has about a foot of snow on the ground, and the northern suburbs from 12 to 14 inches, with another 1 to 2 inches expected.

Some parts of central Illinois already have received 6 to 10 inches and could receive another 1 to 2 inches. The storm also is brushing northern Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Forecasters expect the storm to reach Indiana by tonight, bringing 6 to 10 inches of snow, then move into Ohio and Pennsylvania. It could leave 1 to 3 inches in southern New York and New Jersey before it moves off the coast tomorrow night.

Two people have been killed in weather-related crashes.

About 100 flights were scrapped at Lambert Field in St. Louis.

(Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.)

11:34 PM: Some snow totals for you. Keep in mind these are NOT final numbers!! And some of these measurements may have been recorded earlier in the evening. If you have snow totals from your town or city, post them in the comments section.

Alexandria: 5
Attica: 6.8
Brooklyn: 2.8
Carmel: 4.5
Castleton: 5.0
Cicero: 4.5
Clermont: 4.2
Covington: 8.5
Edinburgh: 3.9
Fishers: 4.5
Frankfort: 5
Greenwood: 4.5
Indianapolis: 5.6
Lafayette: 6
McCordsville: 5.5
New Whiteland: 4
Pittsboro: 5
Reelsville: 4
Seymour: 1
Shelbyville: 3.9
Terre Haute: 3
Thorntown: 6.2
Tipton: 6
Westfield: 4.6

11:03 PM: Due to snow, Mayor Ballard is delaying opening of city government offices until 1pm Monday for non-essential personnel.

11:02 PM: Over 200 delays or closings now. See the list.

10:49 PM: Jennifer Carmack reports that cars on area highways are having a lot of trouble on hills tonight. Many drivers are getting stuck. (I-70 WB near Emerson is one trouble spot.)

10:46 PM: INDOT says there are more than 600 plows working across central Indiana to clear the snow. Indy Snow Force also has a full callout of drivers.

10:21 PM: Chris Wright says: 5.6" snow so far at the National Weather Service office. The record for today is 5.8."

10:07 PM: We have over 150 closings or delays. See the full list here.

9:52 PM: Trucks are getting stuck on the ramp from I-74 westbound to I-465. At least one needs a tow.

9:49 PM: Lots of crashes to report in central Indiana: I-69 SB at 106th St.; I-70 at Shadeland (this is affecting traffic in both directions); I-65 SB at Lafayette Rd.; I-65 SB at Stop 11 and also at Main St. (exit 99). (That's not a complete list!) Be careful out there!

9:40 PM: See county travel advisories here.

9:39 PM: Three lanes of I-69 southbound south of the 106th exit blocked because of a jackknifed semi. See more traffic updates here.

9:37 PM: Jennifer reports: We're now on I-465 south near I-74. Plows have been through here but messy nonetheless.

9:30 PM: Reporter Jennifer Carmack is braving the elements tonight so you don't have to! Follow Jennifer on Twitter here.

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