WTHR viewers offer tips on how to cut your bills

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All this week we have been showing you ways to cut your monthly bills, whether its on water, heating, phone service, or the TV service you use. Now we want to look at some of the reaction that has poured into the WTHR Facebook page.

Many viewers say they have eliminated their landline at home. Ryan Oliver is one who has done that, he also says he, "went with an outdoor antenna for his TV service. HDTV now costs us zero dollars. Eliminated land line phone and use only our cell phones."

Heather Thompson Zimmerman posted, "We plan our errands so that they are close and choose best route that uses less gas. Our Garmin has a setting for that."

Lynn Ann Phillips Meier says, "Heat in house is set at 67-68 degrees, lights are on in room we are using and no where else. Blinds shut when cold or hot, fixed all dripping faucets."

Becky Crouch Jones posted, "Saving money is like dieting, you must have determination. For you young folks, move in with your parents if possible. Get your student loans paid off!"

And Gloria Graves is seeing savings from the other side of the equation. She writes, "we got our children moved out and taking care of themselves."

Many viewers say they have replaced their monthly cable or satellite TV service with on-demand Internet services. Others say they're using alternative phone products like Magic-Jack. While some are opting for pre-paid cellphone service, or no-contract providers.

There are more than a hundred responses so far. You can post yours, or read others ideas by going to the WTHR Facebook page.