WTHR hosts Josh Kaufman watch party at Colts Grille Monday night

WTHR hosts Josh Kaufman watch party at Colts Grille Monday night

WTHR hosts Josh Kaufman watch party at Colts Grille Monday night

WTHR hosts Josh Kaufman watch party at Colts Grille Monday night

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Join WTHR at the Colts Grille in downtown Indianapolis tonight to watch musician Josh Kaufman on NBC's The Voice!

WTHR personalities Andrea Morehead and Angela Buchman will be there, along with Colts cheerleaders, starting at 7:30 pm until 10:00 pm. We'll also be giving away some WTHR swag! Josh's bandmates and his biggest fans will also attend, and you're invited to join us!

Last week, Josh made it into The Voice's Top 5 behind the power of a performance of Bonnie Raitt's "I Can't Make You Love Me" that reached as high as No. 2 on the iTunes singles chart. For the second time since live performances and eliminations began this season, Josh was the first contestant to be saved.

"To be the first one called is great so you don’t have to wait. It is surreal. That dramatic pause, it’s just good to hear," Kaufman told Eyewitness News after Tuesday's show.

Again, Kaufman was supported by family, with his wife and mother in the crowd Tuesday, cheering him on. Afterwards, he thanked them for their encouragement.

"It's been huge. It's a weird situation out here, living out of a hotel. It's good to have someone to trust. It makes a world of difference," he said.

Reactions to Monday's performance

Shakira called Kaufman's performance "quite an accomplishment," and Blake Shelton said it was "as perfect of a performance as I've seen on this show in seven seasons."

Josh's former coach Adam Levine said, "I enjoy seeing your success regardless of whether you're on my team or not. And I just am purely, purely happy to see how far you've come and just as proud as I ever was."

"There are singers and then there's artists - it's those who know how to take advantage of a moment and not make it theatrical, but make it personal," said Josh's current coach, Usher. "You came out here, you did everything that you said you would and everything that I'd hoped you would....I'm happy to support you tonight on what I would consider one of your greatest performances since you've been here."

Josh talked to Eyewitness News' Andrea Morehead ahead of Monday's performance. He said he’s grateful to his fans for their support, as well as to his family. Most of the time, he said, he’s your typical dad wearing jeans and a t-shirt - but he likes to don the suit and fedora!

His final message before Monday's episode: "Thanks to everybody back in Indianapolis! I get so many positive comments from people – more than I could have dreamed about!"