WTHR Health and Fitness Expo providing important answers to health questions

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The WTHR Health and Fitness Expo got off to a great start Saturday, and there's plenty of fun scheduled for Sunday at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

Join us Sunday to see David Boudia, the WTHR SkyTrak Weather team and Giuliana and Bill Rancic.
Full schedule here.

Some exhibits are designed to be fun and educational, while others raise important questions about your health.

Indianapolis resident Karen Graham hasn't been to the doctor in nearly two years. But at Saturday's Expo, she had her finger pricked for a good reason.

"Your good cholesterol should be above 60. You should check with your doctor to see what he'd want you to do," the nurse advised her.

"With my good cholesterol, I really need to take more fish oil and up that," she said. "I haven't had a job or insurance in a while. This is good for people who don't have the chance to get checked to find out more about their health."

Hundreds of people just like Karen Graham had their cholesterol checked Saturday.

They had their aches and pains checked out, and they learned ways to make their food healthier.

In between all the fun were serious questions for doctors, all free of charge.

"A lot of things I do requires me to fully hear because I play sports and I need to hear what the coaches and refs need to tell me," said Jordan Smith, Indianapolis.

Jordan has dealt with hearing issues his entire life. His mother Nashaundra says they're looking for a doctor they can trust.

There was also plenty of free information for families who are trying to make a healthy change in their daily habits.

"We want to make sure we raise our kids to know snack foods aren't their only option. They can see what's different," said Neil Woods, Greenwood.


Admission to the Expo is free as long as you print your ticket in advance. Print your ticket here.

Digital: Download the WTHR News App for your android or apple mobile device. Click on the WTHR Health and Fitness logo to view a digital ticket that you can show at the door for free admission.

There will be a charge of $5 at the door if you do not bring your ticket with you. There is also an additional $5 charge to park at the State Fairgrounds.