WTHR Health and Fitness Expo kicks off

Josh Bleill
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The inaugural WTHR Health and Fitness Expo kicked off Saturday morning with a fitness walk at 9:00 am. Reporters Mary Milz, Jennie Runevitch and Carrie Cline took part, and that's just the beginning of an action-packed weekend at the Indiana State Fairgrounds.

In addition to dozens of free health screenings and cooking demonstrations, Saturday highlights include the Radio Disney Experience at 10:40 am, a presentation by SkyTrak Weather meteorologists at noon, Indianapolis Colts Community spokesperson Josh Bleill at 1:00 pm and Colts quarterback Andrew Luck at 3:00 pm. There's plenty of fun for the whole family!

Noon update: People were lining up to get into the Exposition Hall this morning. If you're planning on heading to the expo today, we're open until 5:00 pm!

Complete schedule here.

Josh Bleill

WTHR has documented Josh Bleill's long journey from a devastating injury in Iraq back home to Indianapolis where he now shares a message of hope and inspiration as the Colts community spokesperson.

Bleill is a double amputee who was determined to return home standing up and walking. He achieved that incredible goal. The retired Marine is now married with two children.

"It's an honor to be a part of this. I think it's gonna be a great day. I'm excited to get it started," said Bleill.

Fitness was a huge part of Bleill's recovery process.

"I've been at the height of my fitness in the Marine Corps and after being injured I was at the bottom. So it doesn't matter where you are. It's just about getting that first step and getting educated. The Expo's gonna be a great place to get an education and get inspired. We have a lot of great speakers today so I'm just gonna get up there and tell my story a little bit," he said.

David Boudia

Noblesville native and Olympic gold medalist David Boudia takes center stage at 11:00 am Sunday to talk about achieving your goals. That's something he knows a little about, having won the gold medal in the men's ten-meter platform diving in the London Olympics last summer. He also took home a bronze medal for synchro platform.

Boudia says he'll bring a message of encouragement.

"I'm targeting specifically what a perspective towards a goal looks like," said Boudia. "I'll break it down baby step by baby step because that's how I work; that's how my mind functions."

Boudia is encouraging everyone to "live healthy, eat right and just have a lifestyle that is good for their family and for themselves."

Boudia says his message is for kids and adults alike.

"I'm still working on the nitty gritty of it but there's some very entertaining and exciting things in it and also some things that are very general and broad and can be taken away to help the family," he said.

Boudia has had quite a year since winning the gold medal in London last summer.

"The word to describe it is whirlwind. I can't believe nine months ago it happened and since then so many things have happened," he said.

His appearance on the show "Splash" is helping to keep his momentum in the spotlight going.

"People are coming up to me now more from that show and forgetting about the gold medal!" he joked. Still, he said, "It's a fun and encouraging credential to have."


Admission to the Expo is free as long as you print your ticket in advance. Print your ticket here.

Digital: Download the WTHR News App for your android or apple mobile device. Click on the WTHR Health and Fitness logo to view a digital ticket that you can show at the door for free admission.

There will be a charge of $5 at the door if you do not bring your ticket with you. There is also an additional $5 charge to park at the State Fairgrounds.