WTHR Health and Fitness Expo: Day Two

Kids can use a stethoscope to listen to a patient's heartbeat.
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Turnout has been great for the inaugural WTHR Health and Fitness Expo, which continues at the Indiana State Fairgrounds Exposition Hall through 5:00 pm Sunday.

Sunday morning, Olympic gold medalist and Noblesville native David Boudia took the main stage, followed by the SkyTrak Weather Team. At 1:00 pm, Giuliana and Bill Rancic were set to speak, followed by the YMCA Insanity workout at 2:00 pm, the NCAA at 3:00 pm and Radio Disney Experience at 3:40 pm.

One of the most popular attractions for the kids Saturday was the Marian University's nursing program exhibit. They can use a stethoscope and listen to a "patient's" heartbeat. The patient is in fact a dummy in a hospital bed, nicknamed "Pat."

"It's one of the ways we supplement our nursing students' clinical experiences," explained Sheila McNelis, RN, Marian University. "We can make Pat cough, we can make him wheeze, we can change his heart rate and we can make him scream or throw up or do all kinds of things. So it's a great way to supplement what our students do at the clinical setting at the local hospitals."

There are also photo ops for kids who might envision their future career as a doctor or nurse, and a chance to change a baby's diaper (using dolls designed for training purposes) or to swaddle a baby.

"It's a great way for them if they want to practice babysitting or if they just want to play with dolls," McNelis said. "It's a great way for them to see, practice and play."

There are 30 health screenings at locations throughout the expo offered by seven different hospital systems from central Indiana.

Celebrities Giuliana and Bill Rancic took the main stage at 1:00 pm, and they're sure to be a big draw.


Admission to the Expo is free as long as you print your ticket in advance. Print your ticket here.

Digital: Download the WTHR News App for your android or apple mobile device. Click on the WTHR Health and Fitness logo to view a digital ticket that you can show at the door for free admission.

There will be a charge of $5 at the door if you do not bring your ticket with you. There is also an additional $5 charge to park at the State Fairgrounds.