WTHR earns 21 Emmy Awards

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The 45th National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (NATAS) Lower Great Lakes Chapter Emmy Awards were held Saturday evening in Cleveland, Ohio. We're proud to announce WTHR was honored with 21 Emmys!

Channel 13's award winners include:

Newscast - Morning/Daytime - Market 21-40
Eyewitness News at Noon - Teen Crime Spree
Bobbie Brooks - Producer

General Assignment Report - Within 24 Hours
50 Feet
John Duong - Editor
Mary Milz - Reporter

General Assignment Report - No Time Limit
Maximum Security Quilting
Jeremy Brilliant - Reporter
Ryan Thedwall - Editor

Spot News
Smoke for Miles: Belmont Fire
John Duong - Photographer
Ryan Thedwall - Photographer
Joel Clausen - Photographer
Benjamin Reiff - Photographer
Matt Whisner - Photographer
Carrie Cline - Reporter
Jennifer Carmack - Reporter
Sarah Moore - Executive Producer
Benjamin Molin - Assignment Editor

Investigative Report - Single Story
Goodwill Undercover
Bob Segall - Investigative Reporter
William Ditton - Photographer
Cyndee Hebert - Investigative Producer
Susan Batt - Investigative Producer

Investigative Report - Series
Following the Money:  Indiana Storm Sausage
Bob Segall - Investigative Reporter
Cyndee Hebert - Investigative Producer
William Ditton - Photographer

Feature News - Report
Word of the Year
Jeremy Brilliant - Reporter
Steve Rhodes - Producer

Feature News - Series
I Survived...
John Duong - Producer
Jennie Runevitch - Reporter

Business/Consumer - Single Story/Series
Recall Under Fire
Bob Segall - Investigative Reporter
Susan Batt - Investigative Producer
Scott Allen - Photographer

Health/Science - News Series
Caring for Canyon
Sandra Chapman - Reporter
William Ditton - Photographer
Benjamin Reiff - Photographer

Societal Concerns - Single Story/Series
Eye In The Sky
Rich Van Wyk - Reporter
Steve Rhodes - Photographer

Sports - Sportscast
Eyewitness Sports - Operation Football
Dave Calabro - Sports Anchor

Weather - News Feature
Palm Sunday Snow Storm
Chris Wright - Chief Meteorologist

Promotion News Promo - Single Spot/Campaign
Indiana's My Home
Kelly Richards - Producer
Kyle Duell - Videographer
Brian Mulligan - Editor

Promotion News Promo - Image
Skytrak Weather Team - Ready for Winter
Kerry Williams - Producer
Kyle Duell - Producer / Videographer
Brian Mulligan - Video Editor

Team Coverage
Day of Tornadoes
Kathy Hostetter - News Director

Journalistic Enterprise
Bob Segall -- 13 Investigates
Bob Segall - Producer

Crafts: Director - Newscast
Officer Bradway Live Coverage
Loretta Goode - Director

Crafts: Editor - News/Sports
Edit Composite (2 stories)
Steve Rhodes - Editor

Crafts: Photographer - News
Video Composite (2 stories)
Steve Rhodes - Photographer

Crafts: Writer - News
Writer Composite 
Jeremy Brilliant - Writer