WTHR Alzheimer's health fair this weekend

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Thousands of families deal with their loved ones losing their memory. For one Zionsville family, it was a struggle to balance home care and their day-to-day lives.

When Carol King's memory started to fade, her son Jeff King said it was hard to leave her alone all day.

"I left the house 6:00 in the morning. My wife left around 7:30, and we didn't get back 5:00-6:00 O'clock, somewhere in there, so she was by herself all day with nobody to talk too."

Carol said she could feel her memory issues becoming more of a problem during those times alone, "I do feel sometime as first that I was not really thinking like I should."

That is why they set Carol up at the Zionsville Meadows, a senior car facility. Each day Carol goes through interactive memory stations where she can do her nails, simple tasks, and is assisted by staff with her hygiene and diet.

Memory Care Facilitator Luke Garrison said it is common for families to struggle when dementia and Alzheimer's are added to the equation.

"It's an on going grief process because they are losing their loved one bit by bit. Occasionally I will have families leaving in tears because it was the first time mom didn't recognize them or the first time she didn't know someone from their past. That is very very hard on families."

Garrison said Families are encouraged to spend time in a relationship that is being redefined.

In the time Carol has spent in Zionsville Meadows, she has shown improvement, and her family is relieved.

"The biggest thing is physically she is better than she was when she was living with us," said Jeff.

You can learn more about therapies for seniors and support programs for families at our WTHR - American Senior Communities Health Fair on Saturday, September 15th.

Please join us at the Community Health Campus on 146th street in Noblesville. The fair features Flu shots and free health screenings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.