Wounded warrior has new home


A wounded warrior has a new home. 

Marine Sergeant Jesse James was hurt by a roadside bomb and now isn't able to work full-time after his service to the United States.

Saturday, he and his family are officially "Hoosiers" thanks to the Boone County chapter of Habitat for Humanity and the Homes for Wounded Warriors Program. 

Marine Sergeant Jesse James and his wife Nicole proudly showed off their new Advance home. Nicole said, "We are honored. We can't believe it's all real." 

It's more than real,  its a way for the Boone County community to thank the Marine for his service. 

The 24-year-old Iowa native was hurt by a roadside bomb during deployment in the middle east. Because of his injuries, Sergeant James suffers from long term memory loss and seizures. 
Volunteers from Boone County have been working on the soldiers home since July. The program focused on building a home through Habitat for Humanity and the Homes for Wounded Warriors Program that would help Sergeant James get better. 

Honored Saturday afternoon at the dedication ceremony, Sergeant James received praise for his humble attitude. He was also given handmade gifts from people he never even met. 

His father, who also served a tour in Vietnam, says this "gift" represents much more than a home.
Jesse James told Eyewitness News, "When I landed back in the country in 1969 wearing a solider uniform from Vietnam, no one noticed. No one even wanted to sit with me on the plane. The American public wanted nothing to do with us. I look around today and see loving folks. It's amazing."

The most important part of the home is the giant woodworking garage. The Marine says he is addicted to woodworking and it's part of his therapy. Sgt. James says, "The only thing I don't know how to work is that saw, but I'll catch on quick." 

The family plans to move into the Advance home next week.

To also help the family with the transition into their new home, Habitat for Humanity and the Wound Warriors program is arranging for them to have meals delivered everyday for the next few months.