Wounded officer recovering from overnight shooting

IMPD Ofc. Greg Stevens

An IMPD officer is recovering at home after an early morning shootout on the east side of Indianapolis.

Officer Greg Stevens was wounded in the gun battle with 22-year-old Charles Williams of Gary at the Greenway Apartments near E. 21st Street and N. Ritter Avenue.

Stevens is the second IMPD officer to be shot in the line of duty in just five days. Officer Rod Bradway was killed in a shooting while responding to a disturbance on the northwest side last Friday.

Stevens says he knows his recovery from being shot in the leg will take time. But the 30-year-old husband and father loves serving the community as a police officer, which is exactly what he was doing when he encountered a man with a gun just after midnight.

"I think the bad guy was in between the apartments, because it wasn't so loud. It was muffled. I don't know who had the bigger gun, nor do I care. But he did not hesitate. He ran right in there, like, unbelievable. Brave, brave," said a witness to the shooting.

The witness heard the first shots from the gunman and says Stevens acted bravely when he found the chaos at the apartment complex courtyard.

"I saw the officer pull up, hop out of his car, run, I heard two shots and they were not from his gun, because once he opened up fire," the witness said.

Williams reportedly shot Stevens in the leg, who returned several shots, wounding the 22-year-old suspect.

Stevens, a five-year veteran officer, served multiple tours of duty overseas in the military, returning home unharmed. He spends vacation time with his wife and young son.

Although Stevens works in what IMPD calls one of the city's "hot spots" for crime, the witness says he feels safe in the neighborhood.

"You know what, this neighborhood is pretty safe in my opinion. It's pretty safe," he said.

The Gary Police Department says though Williams lived in one of their high-crime areas, he has no adult criminal record. He is facing a long list of charges, including attempted murder.

Stevens says he hopes to attend funeral services for Officer Bradway on Thursday.