Working to fix pothole problems around city, state

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While the snow is cleared on most interstates and major roads around Indianapolis, road crews are shifting gears and filling gaps created by this brutal winter.

Patching potholes is a top priority for both the city and the state.  Since January first, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works has completed about 1,500 requests to get those potholes filled through the Mayor's Action Center.

Now, the city is using contractors who are providing at least two crews a day through mid March to help out. When they don't have winter to worry about, DPW has about a dozen crews on "pothole patrol". The patch they use is a temporary fix until it gets a bit warmer.

As for the state, they have a more direct mission: to work 7 days a week getting interstates fixed as quickly as possible. The pothole "surge" a directive from Governor Mike Pence.

We caught up with crews working Friday morning while you slept. So far, they've spend $2.9 million and utilized 81,000 man hours fixing potholes around the state.

"Here in the crossroads of America, roads mean jobs. 30,000 lane miles statewide - this is about more than just making sure roads are smooth or avoiding nuisance. This is about taking steps to insure we have infrastructure to support growing economy," said Gov. Pence.

There is a more direct approach to get potholes fixed. Within city limits, contact the Mayor's Action Center.  The state has a twitter account set up and a website.