Work crew rushed in to help Columbus plane crash victims


A single engine plane came down in a Bartholomew County neighborhood Thursday morning just a mile away from the Columbus Municipal Airport.

The crash injured both of the people on board, but no one on the ground was hurt. It happened in the 2200 block of Broadmoor on the north side of Columbus.

Moments after the crash, an AT&T work crew in the area rushed to the scene to help out. As the plane crash sparked a huge fire at the home, Tim Tague and Pat Reagan jumped to the rescue.

The two victims, Dennis King and Gerald Clayton, were badly injured in the crash. Pat Reagan was able to help one of them get away from a hazardous scene. Both victims are being treated at the Wishard Hospital burn unit.

"We were working in the Broadmoor neighborhood. We saw the plane flying low and it didn't look right," said Tim Tague.

"Then I heard a pop and something shot out in the street in front of me. It's debris," said Pat Reagan.

"And by then, I seen the plane go down and you could hear something going on and I could see the white smoke," said Tague.

"I just took off from my truck across the street to the back of the house and found the gentleman wandering around disoriented and on fire. I broke down the fence in the backyard. He was trapped in the backyard with the plane. I busted the fence downa and then ushered him out away from the plane. We got a water hose and got the fire off of him," said Reagan.

"He was setting him down in the shade of that tree. By then everybody was trying to get everybody away because the house was starting to get engulfed in flames so I moved to the other side of the street and we both cleared the area so the emergency people could do their work," said Tague.

"I was afraid the thing was gonna explode again. I just did what you should do. I just did something that a normal guy would do," said Reagan.

"We're in shock right now. It's a lot to figure. It happened fast," said Tague.