Women recount terrifying Avon kidnapping, assault

Two women were abducted from the Walmart parking lot in Avon.
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Two women are recounting the terrifying moments they experienced when they were taken from a store parking lot and assaulted.

The women were kidnapped from the parking lot of a Walmart store in Avon February 6, then sexually assaulted and held at gunpoint in their own home. Police say they identified Michael Parrish as the man who attacked them as they left the store.

"All of a sudden, there was this man at the window and he was on the ground...and he just came up from behind and just grabbed me and I tried to scream and kick and get away from him, but he just put a gun in my mouth and told me to be quiet or he was going to kill her," said one of the victims, referring to a three-year-old girl who was with the women at the time of the assault.

The women say Parrish forced them to drive to a carport at a nearby apartment complex, where he sexually assaulted them in front of the girl, then ordered them to their home.

"We even drove past the Walmart going back to my house and still, nobody noticed," the other victim said. "He just kept telling us to be quiet, so I could not scream. I didn't want him to shoot her or go inside and I didn't want him to find my son and shoot him."

According to police, Parrish even attacked one of the victims' boyfriend at the house.

"He kicked me in the ribs and cracked one and dislocated the other, because I tried to look at him and he told me not to look at him and then from there, he told one of the girls to get something to tie me up with," the boyfriend said.

The assault left the women with a lessened sense of security.

"I feel like I am going to be attacked and I know it's possible now," said one of the victims.