Woman's screams scare off gun-wielding burglars

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A 70-year-old south Indianapolis woman says her screams scared off burglars who broke into her home.

Three burglars forced their way into Shirley Coomer's home on East Minnesota Street Friday evening. They put a gun to her head and went after her belongings.

"I still have a little sore place where he held the gun," Coomer said.

She says a man knocked on her door with a smile on his face, but after she opened the door, the smile went away and she knew she was in trouble.

"I just started to shut the door and he forced it back and threw me on the couch and put the gun to my head and that's when I saw the other kid run in," she said.

When the other young burglar went after her television, Coomer says she made a decision about staying quiet, even with the gun to her head.

"At first, I thought I better be quiet and then I thought, 'No,' and I started screaming bloody murder," Coomer said.

She hoped her screams would get the attention of somebody in the neighborhood where she has lived for 37 years. Something her attackers did not want to happen.

"Nobody heard me, but it scared them and they ran," she said.

Coomer showed Eyewitness News where she caught the same teens climbing from her back upstairs window last week. Many of her neighbors have spent money on security systems and put up warning signs in their yard, but Coomer says she can only afford to rely on police to feel safe again.

"I can't protect myself," she said. "Door always locked now."

She hopes after living for nearly 40 years in the same house, she doesn't have to live in fear.

Coomer thought at one point the teen burglars had every intention of shooting her and fears they may target other elderly people.

If you have any information that could help police in their investigation, call Crime Stoppers at 262-TIPS.