Woman wants teen to see young house fire survivor

Cody Cashion
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The 5-year-old girl who survived a fire that killed her three siblings was in a southern Indiana courtroom Tuesday to face the three people accused of arson.

Tat'yana Hughes was and relatives were at the Floyd County Courthouse for a pre-trial hearing. Tat'yana wore a leg brace and with a small bandage on her face from being burned in the January 4 fire.

The suspects were not required to be there and did not show up, but Tat'yana's relatives said they would be at every hearing on the chance that the suspects, including 18-year-old Cody Cashion, would see them.

"I want them to see the pain," said Marie Clark, Tat'yana's grandmother. "I want them to see what they did to my family, to my life, to my daughters life, to my grandbaby's life. I want them to know. I want them to see."

Authorities say Cashion, Shelby Makowski and Kylie Jenks shot a flare into the New Albany house in retaliation for being robbed by a man who lived there but wasn't home at the time.

Tat'yana is still recovering.  Her two sisters and brother were killed in the fire.

Cashion has pleaded not guilty.