Woman shot, toddler bound in Richmond attack

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Richmond police are looking for two men who pulled off a violent home invasion Tuesday night.  

Police say the men shot a young mother in the face and bound her small child with duct tape before running off. Detectives, friends and relatives of Christina Hampton, some of them who live in the apartments where the shooting occurred, all want to know who would do such a thing.

The 22-year-old woman staggered from her kitchen to a neighbor's front door and collapsed in a patio chair. The woman was shot in the face and her three-year-old daughter left in the apartment unharmed, but bound in duct tape.

Wednesday morning, family members and close friends cleaned up, feeling shocked and angry.

"Cowards," Lisa Hurd said, sounding disgusted. "The ones that shot her, cowards. They are cowards to do something like that."

Police have no motive for the attack and only vague descriptions of two men seen fleeing the public housing complex. A short drive from the crime scene, Richmond Police Chief Kris Wolski stood outside police headquarters.

"I always take it more personal when a child is involved," Wolski said. "The lasting impression that can happen with someone that young can have repercussions down the road. Certainly, being a toddler, they could not have had any involvement that precipitated this act or been a cause for the act. That's what's really hard about it."

It's possible, Wolski explained, the gunmen were after someone else, perhaps Hampton's boyfriend.

"Someone who wasn't there at the present time, that would have been the intended victim.  Possibly a heated argument took place," he said.

Everyone in the area praised Hampton as a hard-working mom and student, who they say earned her way on the dean's list at nearby  Earlham College.

"She stayed out of trouble and she was a worker, went to school every day, took care of her daughters," Hurd said softly.

Detectives have been unable to speak with Hampton. She was flown to Methodist Hospital. Officials there aren't releasing any information on her condition. Detectives say her boyfriend has an alibi for the time of the shooting.

Like many Richmond neighborhoods, police admit this one has its share of drug dealers and users. A couple of months ago, several men were wounded in a drive-by shooting. However the small this apartment complex is different from many others. It is neat it is clean, people take pride in their patios and spend a lot of time outside with their families. A lot of folks see a lot of things.

Police say they hope someone has the courage to tell them what they need to know to find the attackers.