Woman sentenced in fatal 2012 west side Indianapolis shootout

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A woman faces sentencing Friday for her part in the shooting death of a female basketball star.

The shooting happened last July at Ben Davis Park on the city's west side.

Witnesses say Vincennes University student Larretha Draughon was trying to break up a fight when shots were fired. Draughon played basketball at Vincennes.

Takia Rice was accused of setting up the fight. Authorities say she knew weapons would be involved.

Rice pleaded guilty to charges.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Ben Davis Little League Park in July 2012.

According to police, two camps of supporters came out to witness the fight - including the father of one of the women involved in the altercation.

It started with a brawl between Rice and another woman, Kayla Woods. Woods' brother Trey Bebly and her father Aurelious Woods got into a bun battle with Tyrone Mills, who was supporting Rice.

When Draughon tried to break up the fight, Bebly allegedly pushed her back and threatened to shoot. Someone else responded, "We can shoot, too," and by the end of it, 29 rounds were fired with one hitting Draughon in the head. Five others were injured, including a woman who said Woods' father tried to run her over.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said the incident was "well beyond the pale in terms of ridiculous behavior."

Several people were charged in the incident along with Rice.

Bebly, Aurelious Woods and Tyrone Mills are all charged with murder. Takia Rice and Kayla Woods were charged with murder for setting up the fight, knowing weapons would be present.

Tammy Carter is charged with neglect for bringing her 10- and 16-year-old daughters as spectators.