Woman rescued from White River

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Indianapolis Fire Department crews have rescued a woman from the White River.

Witnesses say the woman jumped from the 16th St. bridge. She was taken to Eskenazi Hospital in serious condition due to hypothermia.

A passerby saw the woman jump and quickly alerted someone at the Falcone car dealership. Twenty-three IFD units responded to the scene.

When crews arrived, they saw the woman in the water at the edge of the ice, about 40 feet from a steep riverbank. Firefighters saw the woman struggling to hold on to the edge of the ice.

Firefighters used a "top water rescue boat" to access the river at Lake Indy about a mile and a half to the north, while divers in dry suits entered the water at the scene.

Private Scott French and Captain Casey Sweeney with Tactical Rescue Station 14 went into the water. One skirted the ice straight to the patient, while the other hacked through the ice so the team on shore could pull them back by the shortest path and reduce the amount of time the patient spent in the frigid water, according to IFD.

IFD says they always send multiple units to this type of situation to increase the likelihood of a successful rescue.

IFD reminds everyone to call 911 immediately and remain on the scene if you ever encounter a similar situation - but don't go in the water yourself.